Manage your mental stress

Everyone experienced stress. Sometimes it can make you focus and get the task at hand done. But stress is frequently gets and intense, it can strain your physical exhaustion and make it impossible to function. Find out effective ways to recover and lead good life.

How stress affect your physical appearance

Stress affect your entire body, mentally as well as physically , there are some common signs

  • Head ache
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Changes in appetite
  • Jaw pain
  • Frequently mood changes
  • Not getting consentration
  • Feeling unhappy
  • Feeling overwhelmed

stress can contribute to worsening symptoms of your mental health. For example, in schizophrenia, it can encourage hallucinations and delusions, while bipolar disorders, it can trigger episode of both mania and depression. Knowing what situations cause it is the first step in copying with this common experience. When you’re most vulnerable to stress.

People are most susceptible to stress when they are, not getting enough sleep. Not getting support from networking

Experiencing a major life changes, such as work load at office or home, the death of a loved one, starting new job, having a child or getting married.

physical health problems

Not eating well

Every one has his own threshold. Certain things that may upset you. Some people are affected when they experience large crowds and noisy environments, while others react to silence and fee time.

Recover from stress

Develop a personal approach to reduce stress, it will help you manage your mental health condition and improve your quality of your life. Once you have learned what is your triggers are, experiment with coping strategies.

Accept your needs. Recognise what is your triggers are. What situation makes you feel physically and mentally comforted? Once you know this you can avoid them when it is reasonable to and just cope when you couldn’t.

Manage your time. Give priority to your activities that will help you and use your time perfectly. Make a day to day schedule helps and ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed by every day tasks and dead lines . Practice relaxation. Deep breathing, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation are good for calming yourself. Take a refocus can have benefits beyond the immediate moment recovery.

Exercise daily. Schedule time to walk daily, join in dance Zumba ,fitness or whatever you can. Daily exercise naturaly produces stress relieving hormones in your body and improves your overall physical health. Set aside time for yourself. Read a book, go to movie, get a massage , and makes it all fun.

Eat nutritious food for your good health, eating unprocessed foods, like whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruits are the foundation for a healthy body and mind.

Get enough sleep. Symptoms of some mental health conditions, like mania and bipolar disorders can be triggered by getting less sleep.

Avoid alcohol and drugs. they don’t actually reduce stress. More over it will worsen your life. If you are struggling with substance abuse, educate yourself and get help.

Talk to your friends, family, a counselor or a support group, from where you will get support.

Thank you for reading this article, have a great day