ADHD Signs in young children

Let’s talk about the early symptoms of ADHD in smaller children. If a child has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (borderline high functioning) and combined-type ADHD-C .

Let’s talk first

  • What ADHD stands for?
  • What ADHD means?
  • What ADHD looks like?
  • Common symptoms of ADHD
  • Does my child has ADHD?
  • How to get your child tested for ADHD?

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A professional psychologist or a clinical psychologist can treat these type of children. If it is moderate or severe , so that medical treatment is advisable.

A person with ADHD has differences in brain development and brain activity that affect attention, the ability to sit still, and self-control . ADHD can affect a child at school, at home, and among friends.

There are three types of ADHD

1. The inattentive type, which people used to called ADD.

You can identify these children:-

– they are not overly active

– unfocused type

– get boring easily

– not disruptive

2. The hyperactive – impulsive type

  • May run into the street
  • Hit others
  • Can’t sit still .

Types 3 :- Which is the most common is a combination of both type

How can you identify your child has ADHD?

  1. Constent motion
  2. Talking excessively
  3. Interrupting
  4. Intruding
  5. Trouble player
  6. Frequently forgetting
  7. Easily side tracking
  8. Squirming and fidgetting
  9. Acting impulsively
  10. Not finishing tasks

A child shouldn’t receive a dianosdia of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, unless the core symptoms of ADHD starts early in life before the age of

Language delays can be mistaken for ADHD

So children preschool or younger age suspected of having ADHD is more likely to need evaluation by a specialist psychologist or counselor

Speech pathologist

Developmental pediatrician

They will check with the symptoms with the diagnosis of DSM -5

ADHD rating scales

Medical issues

Personal and family medical history

Information gathering from school records, interviews and questionnaire, family members and people who know your child well.

Medical examination

Keep in your mind that the symptoms of ADHD

Concentration problems

Hyperactivity can be confused with other disorders and medical problem like learning disabilities

Emotional issues

Which require tottaly different treatment just because it looks like a ADHD doesn’t mean.

The mental health professionals assessing the problem should also look at the following factors.

When did the symptoms start?

The symptoms started at the younger age

How long have been bothering it in your child?

examine at least 6 months

When and where do the symptoms appear?

It may appear at home or school.

Who can diagnose ADHD?



Clinical social worker

Get recommendations from school authorities


Now you should know how to find a specialist and get your child the diagnose they needed. He will inform you that,based on the findings.

How Psychotherapist Define? What they are and What they Do?..

Psychotherapist, is a mental health professional who helps clients improve their lives, develop better cognitive and emotional skills, reduce symptoms of mental illness and cope with various changes.

Keep reading if you are interested in working with a psychotherapist, just learning about an interesting profession.

To better understand what a therapist is; A therapist serves as an authentic, genuine, empathic individual who is unbiased, supportive, can provide objective, nonjudgmental guidence, assisting clients with desired changes as well as achieving their maximum self.

A therapist is some one who helps others find their strength and courage to confront and make sense of difficult imotions and experiences so they can learn and thrive in their lives. Moreover a psychotherapist is someone who offers support, positive regard, compassion, a level of accountability , advocacy at times , a listening ear and sound clinical advices.

A clinically trained therapist who uses an integrative approach to help others heal.

Psychotherapist is an objective sounding board,a perspective shifter, game changer, truth teller and who helps people to remember they’re worthy.

What a therapist do? Therapists primarily help clients, whether through in-person or online therapy , improve their mental health. some of them work in research and consulting as well.

Therapists can offer to the clients;-

. Listening

. Analyzing present issues

. Analyzing the influence of the past on the present

. Helping clients without the kind of bias a friend or family member might have

. Diagnosing mental health conditions

. Reducing symptoms of mental illness

. Helping clients manage symptoms of mental illness

. Helping clients change maladaptive behaviours and thinking patterns

. Helping clients understand themselves and others

. Teaching emotional cognitive and communicational skills

. Teaching clients how to effectively resolve emotional,relational and professional conflicts

. Guiding clients through crises such as break ups , abuse, suicidal thoughts,grief, trauma, infidelity,sexual assault and more

. Teaching clients how to improve current relationships and build new relationships

. Teaching clients self help skills such as deep breathing, meditation, thinking and exercises and more

. Offering non-directive advice and suggestions

. Referring clients to psychiatrists, mental health facilities or medical professionals in necessary

. Helping clients learn to love and accept themselves

. Reducing the stigma and shame of mental illness and therapy.

Is a Therapist the same as a counselor?

When people say Therapist , usually refering to a Psychotherapist or counselor. In the context of working with clients to improve their mental health, these terms have the same meaning and are interchargeable.

Using one over the other is a matter of preference. “Counsellor and Counselling” for example, are more common than” therapy” and” therapist” in certain parts of the world.

People often use as a synonym for therapist


Mental health counselor



The meaning is the same, but some people regard”therapist” as a shortened and more easily usable version of “psychotherapist”. The term is useful because therapist could refer to a massage therapist or another type of professional.

Therapists only refers to someone who treats clients. On other hand a psychologist could spend a lot of time seeing clients but is more likely to work in research as well.

Some mental health professionals call themselves”psychologist ” simply because they prefer the term . Their work doesn’t have to be different than a therapist.

There are also psychiatrists who can act as a therapist or who identify as a therapist in addition to their primary profession . There is not any evidence to suggest some one who identifies as a therapist would provide significantly better care than someone who identifies as a counselor or other mental health profession.

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