Modicare Company Profile

Modicare is a company specialising in providing the best network marketing services. It bridges the gap between network marketing business and common people . Modicare Pvt limited was registered in the year 1996 . Ever since the time came into being the core principles on the basis of which this direct selling company functions have been to empower , engage and enhance the the lives of people who gets associated with this company.

Modicare works with a diverse range of shareholders both at the institutional and community level so that the resource base gets leveraged . The mission of modicare firm includes;

Taking a ownership to solve the problems of all the consultants .

Empowering the consultants to become a leader so that their groups get strengthened .

Consistent interaction with all consultants so that there is a clarity .

Recognising the potential of all the individuals involved so that everyone gets over all results maximum.

Making sure all the consultants are satisfied and happy.

Offer period 1st October – 23rd 2019
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How to select a direct networking Company

We know that the network ing business is a world wide everywhere , since twenty years this business running well , many companies are approved in this field. So a lot of strategies have to work out in the network marketing business. Now days youths are choosing this business with the tie up of the company . Somebody have chosen as a career .

So the people have to know the clear information about the company, before choosing a company you should understand it’s existing and present status and how it is running ? is it profitable? Can I believe the company? How long it has been running? All the details you should understand, after only you can decided to join.

When you invite your friends or an individual into this business , at first , whoever It is the individual will observe about your changes, your career atmosphere and your present situation or status, the person must be checked the face value of the business , how can choose a direct networking business.

There are four Factors to choose good networking business

1 . Company profile.

2. Products profile

3 . Compensation plan

4 . Education system

Let’s study this four Factors. 1 . Profile: who is conducted this company? who is promoted this company? who are the directors ? what is the background about the company ? how long it has been running? So and so…

2 . Products profile: It is very important part of the business , what are the products,? how much useful the products ? qualities of the products , is it repurchasable or re-produ able products ? Is it comfortable prices for the purchase ? understand that over priced products not preferable by people , It should be value money products .

3 . Compensation plan: While you choose the company , understand that how is the turn over of the business ? It depends on the products or people , one thing you understand that, if the company runs with products turn over , there is a force to choose, but the company forced by the people , some breaks may happen . So choose products turn over based company . The business will sustain with profitable products. Here you will get a platform for the business , and that opportunity will make you an entrepreneur. The company aims at global economy business.

4 . Education system: The company doesn’t ask your educational background , not required educational certificates . Here needed strategy of the business and growth of the company . Company will help you to grow your business , your social culture, and your individual fame , as an adventage you will get good training for business developments , that will change your attitude and personality .

Coming days this direct networking business will create a huge turning point to all business makers . So I request to you to select a value products business to join. Success is near to you , find out your business platform , wish you a wonderful networking platform for your growth.

Modicare is the direct networking business

Learn how to live your own life

You will never find peace of mind by others to live your life for you.

Remember the most profound trueth in all facts concerning mankind to consists of the fact that the creator of the man gave him complete, unchallengeable right of prerogative over but one thing , his own mind. It must have been the creator’ s purpose to encourage man to live his own life, to think his own thoughts , without interfering from others. otherwise man should not have been provided with such a definite system of protection over his mind.

By the simple process of exercising this profound prerogative over your mind you may lift yourself to great heights of achievement in any field of endeavour you choose.

Henry Ford became a great industrialist and made himself wealthier than Croesus, not because of his superior or ability or brain, but he took simply procession of his own mind, fashioned it in a career of his own making and kept all negative influences away from his mind until he attained his objective.

There are lots of examplesOrville and Wilbur Wright they learnt to live their own lives

The True Emancipation of Universal

Love is the greatest compliment to all. It brings one into communication with infinite action. It is an inward and outward expression of the spiritual nature of all living things .

When love is combined with the spirit of romance, the world may rejoice , for these are the potentials of the great personalities who are profound thinkers of the world .

Love clears out selfishness,greed, jealousy, and envy . Love makes right royal kings of the humblest of the world. True greatness will never be found where loves does not abide . love is the warp and the woof of all the richest of life . It embellishes all riches and gives them the quality of endurance , evidence of which may be revealed by cursory observation of all who have acquired love.

The habit of going the extra mile leads to attainment of that spirit of love , for there can be no greater expression of love that demonstrated through service rendered unselfishly for the benefit of others.

If a man be truely great he will be compassionate, sympathetic and tolerent. He will love good and bad among all humanity. The good he will love with pride and administration and enjoy . The bad he will love with pity and sorrow for he will know , if he is truly great , that both good and bad qualities in men often are but the results of circumstances over which they have , because of their ignorance , little control .

The great minds every age have recognised love as the eternal elixir that binds the heartwounds of mankind and makes men the private keepers. If a man is truly great, he will love all mankind!!!!!!


Writing skill is the greatest compliment

Who knows, you might influence someone positively in your direction and get a pleasant surprise in return . It is definitely worth the effort and will make you immortal in the recipient’ s eyes and hopefully heart.

Remember , when you express yourself on paper you immortalize yourself through the printed word.

Even though we die, our written words can last forever. How often do you look at a note, a signature, or a recipe penned by a loved one who has passed on and think of them fondly . When something is written and signed, it means more, write a letter and wait for the response. You won’t be disappointed.

Coming from mind


It is involves two individuals that, one is seeking help and other one is professionaly trained person. One who seek help is counselee and the other person who provide solution is the counselor. There’s a mutual respect between them.

To be effective in their roles, counselor’ s should enjoy helping others and possess specific qualities and skills.

You were born Poor or Rich?

You were born poor or rich?it might be or not, we know many great personalities were Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford .

You have something in common with the truely great !!

If you had been born with a silver spoon in your mouth , you would have been deprived of the opportunities to make yourself strong and resourceful through the necessity for struggle.

For struggle as the biologists, philosophers and historians are know the prime way of life. It’s nature’s system of sorting out the strong from weak of making sure that man, as well as the animals and plants are constantly improved .

Any one can overcome proverty through determination and faith .

Sure, the fight will be hard , but the rewards will be appreciated. Your attitude will have a strong bearing , whatever on how hard the struggle will be . Accept it as a challenge , rather than curse, and you will find it much easier .

There is no barrier that can prevent you from achieving financial success if you approach it with a positive mental attitude, with full knowledge dedication that any stumbling block can be turned into a stepping stone to greater heights of success.

Do you suffer from a physical handicap? Don’t worry, there are a lot of rehabilitation centers which will minimise the disability and impediments and help you and realise your dreams of achievement .

Are you lacking education and pulling you back? Don’t worry, there are a lot of night schools , adult education classes, correspondence courses and public libraries , all available with coast and without coast , that can help you to win education easily

All things are possible for the person ,who wants deep determination and courage.

The journey is Thousands miles, begin with a single step.

Diside now , not tomorrow, this instant on exactly what you want to achieve .

Write down a goal. Committ to memory Keep it always Infront you. Then map out step by step . Once you have done this, you are ready to take that first step toward success

You must have a purpose and a plan , plus the determination to carry them to fruition .


I will continue


Dealing with disappointment can at times be very hard. Disappointmemt is disheartening and can be demotivating as well. Sometimes the intensity is lesser or severe. Disappointment can lead to a pessimistic attitude. If we knowing how can handle the state of disappointment will lead to a healthy lifestyle. It will cherish your personality and makes optimism in your life.The most important thing is to accept how do you feel about it. Do not try to supress that feeling. If you try to supress , it may explose unexpectedly . So let it sink and let your mind absorb it. Supressing an emotion does not exist a long time.Instead of being disappointed, learn from it. Something has done already, it cannot be undone now. So one thing you can do , learn from your mistake will help you, not repeat those actions again.


I own my positive attitude to my father. I realized that by followed my father , I have adapted everything to my life and family. I could achieve and maintain a positive mental attitude, more over I became an achiever and a believer .

Thousands people have come and gone claiming to be personal development gurus. But I adapted by my father’s inspiration.

He has stood the test of time, and remained the icon of positive mental attitude . I never hear a bad word from my father .

Here is some inspiring words I followed by my father .

  1. He is gentle , and his words are gentle

2 . His insights are thoughtful

3 . His principles are sound and time tested.

4 . He is easy to read and apply

5 . He is on target with what is wrong and what is weak .

6 . He taught me wisdom is right on the money.

7 . His ethics ring true and genuine.

8 . He reinforces his advice with real word examples.

9 . He encourages to do at right time .

10 . He has faith that will achieve with hard work .

11. He has a track in his mind that includes thousands of success stories .

Fear and Faith

Fear is faith in reverse gear

Fear is a negative feeling in something, and the belif is the foundation of faith.

Faith is a positive mental attitude in action.

Your mental attitude is the sum of your thoughts at any given time .A positive mental attitude has its roots in the spiritual life of one’s soul . And it’s the medium by which adversities may be transmuted into benefits.

Your achievements are limited by only your mental attitude , for it’s true that only your real limitations are those which you set up in your own mind.

Keep your mental attitude Right and your future always will be Bright. Success goes to the person whose mental attitude is such that he expects success. And health, wealth, happiness are products of a positive mental attitude. Your mental attitude, weather it is positive or negative, weaves into your character every thread of your thoughts.

A positive mental attitude is the factor which makes peace. People who work with a positive mental attitude are constantly doing the”impossible”.

If you don’t like what life has given you, change your mental attitude and attract something else more to your liking . And remember that not all of the wisdom of the sages and the ages can help the person who quits trying to help himself.

Remember that the creator has made us that our strength grows out of our struggling , and we’re no bigger than the circumstances which we permit to frighten or worry us .