Jack canfield- Rich Habit: Find a mentor

Jack canfiCan, author of the chicken soup of the soul series and success principles, holds the guinnes book world record for most books sold by an author- 500 million. He is also considered the# success coach in America. His seminar, training programs and coaching programs teach tens of thousands his success principles each year. How did he do that? Canfield was mentored by C Clement Stone , a legendary personal development expert who also mentored of Mandino, a former publisher of Success Magazine and the author of The Greatest Salesmen in the world, a book that sold over 20 million copies. But Clement was only one of Canfield’s mentors in life. Others who helped mentor Cannfiel include. Mark Victor Hansen, Janet Switzer, John Gray, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohan and John Maxwell. That’s is a lot of mentors!!

There are no limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination and wonder

-Ronald Reagan

Card games are good ‘social’ games. Children playing card games are learning and practicing fundamental mathematical skills: counding ,sequencing, recognizing clusters of ‘ pips’ as deferent numbers etc . A simple game of ‘pairs’ is good for visual memory . Rummy combines memory with reasoning . It is an ecxexcell game for adaptation , as the point of the game is the collection of sots and much learning also involves sets.

A close bond between parents and children

MY kid

Attachment parenting style is a strong bond between parents and children. This parenting style makes for father and mother who are highly concentrated to their kids needs. Attachment parenting is a parenting style that emphasizes a good relationship building with their children.

They also being highly concerned and receptive to their kid’s needs. It is more attached with things that keep parents and kids close, like breast feeding on demand , and responding right away to the baby who cries out during sleep or play.

Attachment parenting is not one of the parenting styles developed by psychogist. It was Diana Baumrind and her successors, who studied preschoolers and found that parents fit into four set of groups.

There are four groups

Authoritative parents, authoritarian parents, permissive parents and neglected parents.


Hydrotherapy treatment benefits and types contraindications. Hydrotherapy treatment involves the use of unique properties in water to achieve therapeutic benefits. Hydrotherapy treatment is treating a disease or symptoms with the use of water . This dated as far back as 4500 BC in ancient Roman culture bath houses were a vital component of life.

Hydrotherapy bath Tub


Hygiology is the study of the problems of normal people and the prevention of the incidence of serious emotional difficulties. The Counsellor is always concerned with normal individuals who experience conflicts of different degrees of complexity, experience, anxiety are unable to decide and are subject to stress . The importance of counselling in modern times cannot be overemphasized . It can become almost indispensable owing to rapid industrialisation, ecological imbalance, excessive competition and other factors contributing to the increase in occurrence of mental disorders and maladaptive behaviour.

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Writing the future Letter is a lot of fun. It will get really your imagination going. When you are done , you will feel immediately better about yourself. Every person person enjoy this activity because it’s required the use of imagination. Here’s how it works:

Go into the future five,ten or twenty years , let’s use five years for the purpose of this example, imagin it is five years from now and you are writing a letter to yourself explaining what your life is like. In a perfect world, what would you like your life to look like five years from now? You want to paint a picture of your Life , five years from now, that is the perfect , Ideal life . It is the life you would want to have if you could snap your fingers today. Discribe in your letter where you live , what kind of house you live in, which car you drive , what you do for a living, how much money you make etc . Describe what you have done the past five years; the goal you have accomplished and the dreams that have come true. This future Letter will become the blue print for your future, perfect life.


Hai good morning to all !!!🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷🌷

We always try to be the best to our dear ones, relatives and friends. Discuss about the relationships and feelings, how we feel about the world.

Always parting with the nature of Humans and their behaviour. We always think that if I have done something special, what will say people, if I did that what will happen!! I say my opinion , nothing will happen. If you have decided to do something , do it today itself, not tomorrow , ok !!! We wake up daily thinking , what if I was there? What will happen? Think on it, but never overcome the thoughts.

Also in relationships , there are many complications about what I have done. The reaction we make when someone ignores us, the attitude we show after getting ignored. We got immense pleasure while we talk with dear ones and our friends , but on the other side we get jealous when someone talking to them friendly . That’s the human nature, we couldn’t get away from this condition.

Every person you meet in your life is for a reason, either you make life with them or you will get a lesson to learn . “Trust is like a flower ” once crumpled never perfect again


How can start a business own with a small amount?!!!


You can start your own business, how?..

Some people initially join in the job, but after adding some funds later they will start their own business. what is strategy of this?..

By the way, if you spend your money, you can start the business of making money small scale first. However you can start your successful business with rs 5 lakhs or more.

Choose business by your own knowledge.

Let you know that your background plays a very important role in starting the business. For example if you are from the engineering field,then you can develop on website or IT field also.

However, It is not necessary that, engineering is from the field, then no other business can do it?… nothing that!! Actually business is a basic knowledge and management skills . In this case you don’t have information in this field,then you should get basic knowledge to start business.

Market Research

Experts always say that it is very important to research the market well before starting any business . So u can start a business from any place during the technical period. There will be a lot of opponents in the market field In this way how you serve them separately, It matters . It is also includes taking feedback from the costumers.


What are the opportunities in the service sector?

Let’s tell you that according to the small amount of business, It is difficult to run a manufacturing business, because it’s quite regulatory, as well as land or factory, which is very expensive at present. Tell you that doing business in the service sector can be the best step.

Actually, any business you can start as per amazon.in your basic knowledge on it. According to this you can keep a worker for work, but you should have knowledge on it, unless you will not be able to work better than your worker. Take a six month training for improvement.

An idea for a business in the following sectors:-


Beauty Parlour


Online medicine business

Website marketing and designing

Agriculture cultivation

Kitchen backyard

Sitting at home and earn extra money!!!

http://amazon.inMany people are earning money from home based jobs. Mainly online platform, here are some best sites to get some money through online marketing. There are international and domestic based businesses can do from home itself. For international business from home jobs , you have to open a PayPal account. For domestic business , either check or bank account transfer can be done by recruiters sometimes you may get cheques through your address.

  • Amazon Mturk.com https://amazon.in , this site belongs to Amazon.com . It is a challenging market place to work with normal human intelligence. It gives a number of tasks to complete for it’s workers. Amazon company has a true affiliate marketing also. By answering the questions one can earn money in Dollars.
  • work and hire.com It’s one of the Indian based company. We need to create our profile with our skill sets and experience then we get the notification of jobs to our registered email id.
  • crowd site.com It is a online site for creative designs and arts . Client will conduct contest for design to be developed for their works and choose, freelancers for their disign to be completed one after other.
  • shuttershock.com This is an international site, where one can earn money by aploadinng images of their or any particular topic based images as well . Aploaded images approved by shuttshock team,then once they are used by costumers will get money.
  • truelancer.com

It is one of the freelancers site. Many of the employers post their work to be done and search for best freelancers to complete their job.

  • freelancer.com It is an online platform where potential employers post their work and make it done and can earn good amount. This platform allows freelancers to participate in contest and earn a good amount of rewards.
  • upwork.com this site also like freelancing site.we need to prepare our profile and create an account to this website. There you can search the Jobs and bid on the jobs and get approval to proceed .
  • guru.com It is one of the website where freelancers can be given job proposal based on their profiles. Once their profiles checked and accepted by guru professionals then you will get all notification to your registered email address.
  • clickworker.com This is the one of best international site. Good professional who are searching for good part-time job and wanted to reward of earning Money has to approach this site . Need to prepare your profile and update it on this site . There you will get all notification comes through your email address. You can apply and search jobs and earn money.
  • peopleperhour.com it’s a freelance marketing places where freelancers can be choosed from defferent places, countries, regions and territories . it’s a London based company or website for freelancers to work and earn good money. As checked this website none of these are changing joining fee at their respective sites. You can visit all these sites mentioned above and get registered immediately and apply for a job and earn good amount of money.