Quality Education is the ultimate aim for each child, how can?

The educational system, more particularly from primary to the senior secondary level,requires greater attention and more concentration.

Formal and informal education together shapes the human being on the expected lines towards the ultimate objective. From time immemorial, our forefathers and national leaders have invariably given adequate care and exclusive attention to the educational system of our country. Their vision, dedication and commitment to the cause have resulted in the systematic creation and effective preservation of a legacy through which a rich heritage, unique culture and communal harmony got enshrined into our national fabrics. It is said that we must have the whole education of the country spiritual and secular,in our hands, and it must be on national lines, through national methods,as far as practicable. The basic education envisages, the harmonious development of the personality of the individual , his social cultural and spiritual development, preparation for complete living, character formation, social training for effective citizen ship and economic self sufficiency. As per the words of late Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam, scientist and former president of India,” the Education System has a tremendous responsibility to transform a child into a leader, that transformation from” what you can do for me?”to” what you can I do for you?”.

I can do something defferently

The educational system now existing in our country has been evolved based on various commissions.

Educational policy is expected to satisfy two important parameters of growth, character formation and skills development keeping in view employability as well as enterprinership.

According to Dr. S Radha Krishnan, “Education should be imparted with a view to the type of society that we wish to build, we are working for a modern democracy built on the values of human dignity and equality. These are the ideals we should make them living forces.

Individual attention

Today 18 years old child is regarded as an adult while 11 years old is termed to be entering preadolescent phase. The prolonged phase between childhood and adulthood, which is known as phase of adolescence, has been resulting in a generation gap.

The teen-age years encompass vitally important States of brain development, full of vulnerabilities and exceptional strength. Teen react differently making them capable of great success but impulsive risk takers as well. The youth consider adult culture as narrow and orthodox, they take pride in being different and crave for recognition and acceptance. Gradually they develop a sense of self awareness, feeling of inadequacy and insecurity, possess unrealistic aspirations, frequently getting angry, hurt and disappointed which often leads to unrest followed by destructive mentally and emotionally negative thinking.

While there cannot be readymade solutions, careful planning and systematic approach to their problems can go a long way in gradually converting those threats into greater opportunities, where by the youth become the potential assets of the country. Children perform better academically and socially when they have a clear grasp of human values. Further it also inculcates in them a spirit of service, naturalism and secularism, tolerance, respect, and responsibilities. The same can be promoted through various cocurricular activities.

Defferently abled

There is a need for identification of certain priority ereas in education which can contribute significantly to the futuristics vision of fulfledged nation.

Students who are not so bright in academics, to find alternative for gainful employment. In short cocurricular activities do help an adolescent to have a smooth and fruitful transition into adult world. It is worth quoting Dr APJ Abdul Kalam again, “Real education enhances the dignity of human being and increase his or her self respect, and universal brother hood in its true sense becomes the sheet anchor for such education.

Education is the right for each child


Hydrotherapy treatment benefits and types contraindications. Hydrotherapy treatment involves the use of unique properties in water to achieve therapeutic benefits. Hydrotherapy treatment is treating a disease or symptoms with the use of water . This dated as far back as 4500 BC in ancient Roman culture bath houses were a vital component of life.

Hydrotherapy bath Tub


Hygiology is the study of the problems of normal people and the prevention of the incidence of serious emotional difficulties. The Counsellor is always concerned with normal individuals who experience conflicts of different degrees of complexity, experience, anxiety are unable to decide and are subject to stress . The importance of counselling in modern times cannot be overemphasized . It can become almost indispensable owing to rapid industrialisation, ecological imbalance, excessive competition and other factors contributing to the increase in occurrence of mental disorders and maladaptive behaviour.

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Yoga is helpful for complementary treatment and clinical depression

Yoga and breathing exercise can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety in both in short and long terms. Published in the journal of psychiatric practice , the study from Boston University School of medicine (BUSM) provided evidence that yoga can be a helpful complementary treatment for clinical depression or major suppressive disorder .

To get this conclusion , a group of thirty clinically depressed patients were randomly divided into two groups. Over three months the high dose group spent one hundred twenty three hours in sessions while the low dose group spent Eighty seven hours.

Result showed that within a month both groups sleep quality significantly improved. Tranquility,positivity, physical exhaustion and symptoms of anxiety and depression significantly improved in the groups, as measured by several validated clinical scales.

Think of this way we give meditation in different ways in order to enact their effects on the body to varying degrees. Here we explored same concept, but used yoga . Past years yoga and depression studies not have really delved deeply into this.

Research has shown that combining Therapy and meditation has greater success than either treatment alone.

Although studies with more participants would be helpful in further investigation in benefits, this small study indicates adding yoga to the prescription may be helpful.