Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!! By practising a healthier lifestyle, you can gather the strength and stamina and it will help you to control your worst urges when it matters most.

Resisting momentarily temptation is a tough task especially when they are right in front of you. How can you upgrade your self-control to get closer to your long term goals?

By definition, Self-control is the ability to do something that benefits your long term goals instead of something that might satisfy your immediate desires. But many of us short term, satisfactions are irresistible. We end up sacrificing the well being of our future selves, all too easily. Why is exercising properly to self-control so tricky for someone, and how can you harness your own restrained for good?

Psychologists say that allocating resources between your present self and future self is an ongoing struggle.

Even though you know the importance of preparing your future, your present self also wants their fair share. It is a tough negotiation especially during the moments when the easy road is laying right in front of you.

For example, exhibiting self-control over spending time on mobile , video games and social media the three of the most common temptation of the current era, means battling against the age-old mechanisms in your brain like your desires for social interactions or pen chatting for hunting. That is really what I drive us to keep checking our feeds, to see our friends posted anything on social media, whether they liked our last photos posted on Instagram, it’s the temptation to open rapidly.

One of the most important discoveries about self-control in recent years that people vary widely in terms of what tempts them. If you are interested to look deeply into your tendency and weak points, you can be recognized hands full of problems that you have to work on. Once you understand the sources of your self-control woes you can begin devotion energy towards fixing them.

One place to start would be your workplace. To improve self-control at work first I recommend taking a future-oriented task for your day. Such types of planning breaks and the time slots for checking emails in advance. If you can refrain from resigning to your urges before the time you have allotted for yourself, you may achieve a greater handle on your overall self-control.

Of course, after you have done the planning, you must actually change your behaviour. The problem of looking at your cellphone too often, it can be solved by putting it on 📵 or better yet sticking it in your bag until lunch break. Remove the temptation from sight. Is the key to ensuring your faithful to your mission.

To start a foundation of self-control that you can build-up off in the future, we have all experienced unproductive working days because of too little sleep at night, an insufficient breakfast in the morning. And I request to learn more from your ways to boost your own self-control.


Personal growth

All too often life throws challenges at us and tests our mettle. When this happens, some people are crushed while others are resilient, and these individuals, in the face of problems, rise from the ashes to become a stronger and an improved version of their past selves. Many great people spent decades to be successful, they are the self made millionaires, uncovering their secrets to achieve greatness and researching the tenets that they use. Success principles rediscovered , contains these distilled principles, which if followed religiously can open up multiple door to success in your life.

If you are interested in achieving a positive mental attitude and using this timeless principles to improve the quality of your professional and personal life.

In the future …

I will…

  • Develop a definite purpose
  • Create tsunami of positive thoughts
  • Visualise success
  • Free of limitations, to do things bigger and better than ever before
  • The power of faith
  • Change beliefs to achieve everything you desire.
  • Take action
  • Make persistence
  • Make enthusiasm best friends

Be it attitude, success, human behaviour, leader ship or prosperity, you will find much wisdom.

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What Lessons have been learned during the past year

I would like to offer you my year end thoughts.

First, know that sun rises every single day even after the darkest night. Decide to be there to watch the sunrise.

Second, remember that the creator is benevolent. Look to this day for all the gifts brought to you that are seldom acknowledged. An exquisite flower, a crisp breeze, a star twinkling in the midnight blue sky , the scent of a pine tree, a purring senior cat, a bornfire to gather around, fresh sheets and pillow cases , water to refresh, and the ability to look and appreciate the all the extraordinary beauty the world has to offer.

Third, be in the moment, stay in the moment , moment by moment, the present is all we have. Longing for the past and worrying about the future are fruitless endeavours.

Fourth, cherish hellos and goodbyes . Neither is long enough, so make the most of each one.

Fifth, welcome change even if it is an uninvited guest. Know that you could be entertaining “Angels” unaware . Change is the one constant. Make friends with it. Sixth, embrace the real you. There is no one else like you in the universe. You are truly one of a kind and put here for a higher purpose.

Seventh, learn to love the mundane task . By polishing your skills through repetition, it will shine you with a 🌟 stars.

Eight, allow others to speak and you simply listen. This is good exercise in self control and personal development .

Ninth, Accept the inevitable because it always is.

Tenth, express gratitude daily for the acquaintance, friends, and loved ones the universe has gifted you with in your life . These are your true priceless treasures.

Eleventh, memories the following statement . ” Lett nothing disturbing you . Let nothing frightening you . All things are changing. God alone is changeless . Patients attaining the good”.

And a good thought to follow every day.

I shall pass through this world but once, any good therefore, that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being , let me do it now. Let me not deter or neglect it , for I shall not pass this way again.


“You can Do it”you are the Best person to do that”

How often we are discouraged from doing what we know we are capable of doing because of negative comments and concerns from friends and family. Instead of enthusiastically stating”you can do it” you are the best person to do that, very glad that someone has finally recognized your talents, that creative idea will get you places, and other pat on the back comments.

Their little negative seeds become implanted in our subconscious mind and begin to sprout seedings of self- sabotage and disrespect for our innative capabilities. Insidious comments from well meaning supporters begin to snake their way through our Psyche until they begin to rear their ugly heads from the inside out. These alien thoughts put a strain on our self confidence and become the outcome that we never wanted in the first place. What we thought of as our million dollar idea now it is denoted to idle mental chatter. We now ask ourselves, how could I ever have thought ? I was capable of achieving that goal” I can do it” mantra is chanting , what will happen?

With a little support from our well meaning friends and family, we become resigned to the tried and true, the ordinary, the costomery and the status quo. Thoughts that are out side the norm are labelled crazy, crackpot ideas that have no practical merit. Who would ever support me? What was thinking anyway? And the self abuse goes on and on.


You are the only person who can end the negative mental bombardment. Refuse to relinquish your personal belief in a positive outcome . Listen to the naysayers, consider the well- meaning opinions and concerns and proceed in the direction of your own choosing armed with the ammunition that they have provided . A known adversary is easier to conquer than an unknown one, and they have just allowed you to be forewarned of their impending attack if you decide to proceed.

When you affirm that your greatest power is your power to choose, you honour your inborn ability to make wise, personally empowering choices. Life is what you make it. Choose for yourself and you will be the best for it .amazon.in



Commanding Center of the Human Body

Left Brain and Right Brain

Let’s study the function of Left Brain and Right Brain

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres, left and right, connected by a structure called corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is a wide, flat bundle of neural fibers beneath the cortex connecting the left and right hemispheres and facilitates inter hemispherical communication. It is the largest white matter structure in the brain, consisting of 200- 250 million contra lateral axonal projections.

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres, left and right, connected by a structure called corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is a wide, flat bundle of neural fibers beneath the cortex connecting the left and right hemispheres and facilitates inter hemispherical communication. It is the largest white matter structure in the brain, consisting of 200- 250 million contra lateral axonal projections.

Left Brain

  • Thinks in words ( you understand while you reading)
  • Good spellers
  • Perfectionalist
  • Read directions
  • Good with numbers and higher math
  • Analysis the situation before taking dicisions
  • Articulates, speak well and good verbal communications
  • Follow rules & regulations
  • Organised like every thing in their proper place
  • Give attention to details
  • Make lists
  • Rigid, not negotiable
  • Tends to be cynical or sarcastic
  • Enjoys reading
  • Does well on tests
  • Sequential processing
  • Black and White absolutes(facts and rules are important)
  • Focusing (easily stays on tasks)
  • Learning instructions easily (piano,flute)
  • Loyal
  • Faithful
  • Careful or Claudius
  • Good memories
  • Likes to teach or correct
  • Can be clueless to feelings
  • Questioning,Why??
  • Record keepers
  • Learning languages easily
  • Keen on performing well
  • Gate keeper on new ideas
  • Easily annoyed (due to imperfections, imperfect people)
  • Likes documentaries
  • Auditory learners
  • Prefer writing facts over fictions
  • Good grammar skills
  • Likes research
  • Practical
  • Safe
  • Reality based

Right Brain

  • Thinks in pictures
  • Day dreamers
  • Spatial (sizing up without measuring of a room)
  • Difficulty with higher math
  • Unlikely to read instructions
  • Sensitive (feeling easily hurt, can be defensive, romantic at heart)
  • Dislike structure (anything too organised inhibits freedom to create)
  • Visionary (goal setter)
  • Good people skills ( social, charismatic)
  • Empathetic
  • Thinks while speaking
  • Metaphoric (uses flowing, descriptive, action words)
  • Thinks outside the box ( problem solving, recreation, going out side the give limits)
  • Easily distracted ( difficult to stay on task)
  • Creative, artistic and like fantasies)
  • Gets bored easily
  • Positive thinking
  • Passionate (strong emotions)
  • Trouble with spelling and grammar , it affects reading and writing
  • Intuitive
  • Creative writing
  • Impulsive ( jumping into relationship, taking risk without considering consequences)
  • Story teller
  • Prone to wander ( random thinking, may stop in middle of the thought and talk about something else
  • Humourous ( visual illustrative humour)
  • Impatient ( waiting is difficult)
  • Artistic ( interested in co caricularar activities)
  • Needs approval ( people pleasure)
  • Likes challenges
  • Flexible and compromises
  • Learns from school of hard knocks
  • Mind jumping around (hyperactive, hurried)
  • Inventive (needs problems to be solved)
  • Motivator ( charismatic personality)
  • Concrete ( must see the objects such as table, apple or what is being said)
  • Does not do well on tests
  • Disorganized
  • Likes to read fantasy/ mystery stories
  • Likes to write fiction
  • Fantasy based

You can calculate yourself how much percentage you are on left side brain or right side brain by answering the above 40 questions. You score 1 for every answer relevant to you ,. For example if you think in words and is a good speller, you score 1 for each answer for your Left Brain. If not, you score 0. Do the same for your Right Brain also

Suppose you score 20 out of 40 for your Left Brain, the percentage of it’s dominance is 20 / 40×100= 50%

You score 30 out of 40 for your right brain and the percentage of dominance is 30/40×100=75%

The overall performance of any individual depends on how much he uses both sides of his brain or how much each hemisphere dominates in his thinking and functions.

Majority of the people are of mixed dominance, the dominance of each hemisphere will be between 40% and 70%

80% on left and 80% on right= double dominance

Above 60% on left and less than 40% on right= Left Brain dominant

Above 60% on right and less than 40% on left= Right Brain dominant

If dominance in both sides are very close, for example 27% on left and 30% on right, the person may be stuck; he may not be able to take a dicision or move forward. He cannot edit and free write any time . He will not be happy at his job. A double dominant person may also be stuck due to mental overload.

Identifying dominance and promoting both sides of brain in children are very important. The drawing ability of children becomes less after kindergarten because it is less promoted by teachers . They needed math and language spelling which are all left brain functions. Right brain skills in arts and creative thinking are often ignored and it affects brain growth.

Best book for reading


An experienced professional counselor will have been with clients during panic attacks, as a counselor how can observe the client’s major issues.

Some will express to escape, or sometimes they may run away from the room, or terminate the session at earliest. More likely shows that in a Counselling relationship, when the client may not have established a sense of safety in the room, some will become extremely enmeshed in their own anxious thoughts , express a sense of entanglement and confusion, as well as the above physical symptoms. Some others may try to attack their own panic, telling themselves they are being silly, or even blame something around them. Such problems or traffic for their state of mind.

A really good counselor will help to provide an awareness that the session can act as a refugee from the world, and it is extremely safe place to be with one’s own experience. They will also extra attentive, offering an environment of accute ’empathy’ , and help with analysing situations or symptoms as they are being experienced. Finally a good Counselor can help to create temporary assistance for the client’s needs and peace, it will help them to reduce the panic, it is just enough to begin to get a relax on it.

Eventually after several sessions a client can often internalise the counselors approach, and they will do themselves. Thus they learn to create a space of refuge in their own minds, to empathize and analyse for themselves, and they will learn to resist anxious extremely. It is quite good for a counselor or a psychotherapist to witness such a development over time. Usually the client has the capability to do all the things, and in the sessions act as a semistructured reminder of personal power. A good Counselor will anticipate that, but the client will take back their own strength, and be able to empower themselves.

Panic attacks are heavily physical spirals of anxiety, in which the body and mind can escalate a heightened fear response. Find some solutions to regain the control

  • Seeking safe refuge
  • Challenging some residual anxiety to make it manageable.
  • Undertake empathetic analysis with an assistance
  • Be secure and safe yourself

A good Counselor can help to provide a safe environment in which, these skills can be learned and developed . We should have the potential to do these things for ourselves.

Stress Free Life

  • Being cared for
  • Being listens to
  • Being kissed
  • Being financially independent
  • Being satisfied
  • Being accepted for who you are
  • Making yourself proud
  • Making your loved ones proud
  • Confessed to to someone something without being judged for it
  • Getting money from our dear ones
  • Marrying some one you love
  • Having a best friend to open your mind
  • Breathing fresh air
  • Eating food cooked by your mom
  • Stealing your siblings stuffs
  • Talking your crush with your heart pumping at its loudest
  • Being able to support your parents when they need you
  • Speaking password only your best friend understands
  • Sitting under a sky fall of 🌟
  • Listening to the rain drops crafting against your windows
  • Waking up on a weekend without an alarm
  • Travelling solo
  • Overcoming a good experience
  • Being able to love yourself
  • Reconnecting with some one long lost
  • Something good happening to you after you helped some one
  • Being appreciated for your work, content and answers.