There is a natural pleasure in imitation, which is an inborn instinct. It’s the pleasure in imitation that drives a child to learn the easiest lessons of life, like speech and earlier contacts to the world around. It is, in turn, equips the grown-ups to imitate nature through pieces of art and gadgets of technology.

Faisy crazy

A child takes baby steps into the learning process by imitating the walks of its parents. Imitation at this level must be equated to creation since something original is derived from such artistic or technological endeavors. It acts as a springboard to novel ideas, helping one to innovate and to transcend the imitation set by the horizon. A fully developed person is thus a fully original person at the same time, not a carbon copy of somebody else, for this reason, copying is considered a crime in the academic circles, cheating in an exam or plagiarism in research or authentic styles and strategies of the educational leadership. Imitation becomes an impediment to the personality of growth and development beyond a certain level and intensity.

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