Psychiatry as a branch of medicine ,has been cold- shouldered by physicians for a long time. There are various reasons for such an attitude ,but most important exposition is an unfamilarity with the psychiatric disorders and their treatment. This is easy to understand in the light of the fact that an comprehensible, none intimidating and concise text on psychiatry was not earlier available easily.

The simplest way to define a psychiatric disorder is a disturbance of cognition (thought) condition (action) or affect ( feeling) or any equilibrium, the three domains between.

According to the WHO, health is a state of complete physical and mental and social wellbeing and merely not abstinence of disease or infirmity.

Normal mental health much like normal health is a rather difficult concept to define.

There are several models available for understanding what may constitute normality.

  • Reality orientation
  • Self-awareness and self knowledge
  • Self esteem and Self acceptance
  • Ability to exercise voluntary control over their behavior
  • Ability to form affectionate relation ship
  • Pursuance of productive and goal directive activities


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