An experienced professional counselor will have been with clients during panic attacks, as a counselor how can observe the client’s major issues.

Some will express to escape, or sometimes they may run away from the room, or terminate the session at earliest. More likely shows that in a Counselling relationship, when the client may not have established a sense of safety in the room, some will become extremely enmeshed in their own anxious thoughts , express a sense of entanglement and confusion, as well as the above physical symptoms. Some others may try to attack their own panic, telling themselves they are being silly, or even blame something around them. Such problems or traffic for their state of mind.

A really good counselor will help to provide an awareness that the session can act as a refugee from the world, and it is extremely safe place to be with one’s own experience. They will also extra attentive, offering an environment of accute ’empathy’ , and help with analysing situations or symptoms as they are being experienced. Finally a good Counselor can help to create temporary assistance for the client’s needs and peace, it will help them to reduce the panic, it is just enough to begin to get a relax on it.

Eventually after several sessions a client can often internalise the counselors approach, and they will do themselves. Thus they learn to create a space of refuge in their own minds, to empathize and analyse for themselves, and they will learn to resist anxious extremely. It is quite good for a counselor or a psychotherapist to witness such a development over time. Usually the client has the capability to do all the things, and in the sessions act as a semistructured reminder of personal power. A good Counselor will anticipate that, but the client will take back their own strength, and be able to empower themselves.

Panic attacks are heavily physical spirals of anxiety, in which the body and mind can escalate a heightened fear response. Find some solutions to regain the control

  • Seeking safe refuge
  • Challenging some residual anxiety to make it manageable.
  • Undertake empathetic analysis with an assistance
  • Be secure and safe yourself

A good Counselor can help to provide a safe environment in which, these skills can be learned and developed . We should have the potential to do these things for ourselves.

Stress Free Life

  • Being cared for
  • Being listens to
  • Being kissed
  • Being financially independent
  • Being satisfied
  • Being accepted for who you are
  • Making yourself proud
  • Making your loved ones proud
  • Confessed to to someone something without being judged for it
  • Getting money from our dear ones
  • Marrying some one you love
  • Having a best friend to open your mind
  • Breathing fresh air
  • Eating food cooked by your mom
  • Stealing your siblings stuffs
  • Talking your crush with your heart pumping at its loudest
  • Being able to support your parents when they need you
  • Speaking password only your best friend understands
  • Sitting under a sky fall of 🌟
  • Listening to the rain drops crafting against your windows
  • Waking up on a weekend without an alarm
  • Travelling solo
  • Overcoming a good experience
  • Being able to love yourself
  • Reconnecting with some one long lost
  • Something good happening to you after you helped some one
  • Being appreciated for your work, content and answers.

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