Mental Health

Mental health is the normal state of well being. Though mental health is a positive attitude and relative quality of life. The degree of mental health that an individual enjoys at time is subject to to countinues change. Mental health is a condition which is charecteristic of the average person, who meets the requirements of life according to his capacities and limitations. Mental health is not merely absence of mental illness. On the other hand, it is a positive, active quality of the individuals daily living. This quality of living is manifest in the behaviour of an individual, whose body and mind are working together in harmony. His thoughts, feelings and actions function jointly towards the common end, the successful accomplishment of his duty. Such a person can balance his feelings, desires, ambitions and ideals in his daily life, capable of facing and accepting the realities of life. His Habits of life. His Habits of work and attitudes towards people and things bring maximum satisfaction and happiness to the individual. He does things without any friction with the social order or individuals with whom he works.

Mental health has two important aspects, individual and social. The individual is internally adjusted. He should be self confident, adequate and free from his own conflicts and tensions or inconsistencies. He must be skillful enough to be able to adapt to new situations and achieve internal adjustment in a social setup. Society has certain value systems, customs and traditions by which it governs itself and promotes the general welfare of its members. It is within this social framework that the internal adjustment has to be made. Only then, the individual becomes a person who is acceptable as a member of his society.

To sum up, mental health is a state of a person’s own mental well being in which individuals feel basically satisfied with themselves, in their roles in life, and their relationship with others.

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