Hydrotherapy treatment benefits and types contraindications. Hydrotherapy treatment involves the use of unique properties in water to achieve therapeutic benefits. Hydrotherapy treatment is treating a disease or symptoms with the use of water . This dated as far back as 4500 BC in ancient Roman culture bath houses were a vital component of life.

Hydrotherapy bath Tub


Hygiology is the study of the problems of normal people and the prevention of the incidence of serious emotional difficulties. The Counsellor is always concerned with normal individuals who experience conflicts of different degrees of complexity, experience, anxiety are unable to decide and are subject to stress . The importance of counselling in modern times cannot be overemphasized . It can become almost indispensable owing to rapid industrialisation, ecological imbalance, excessive competition and other factors contributing to the increase in occurrence of mental disorders and maladaptive behaviour.

Tags:- health issues, mental health disability, treatment and prevention


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