How can start a business own with a small amount?!!!

You can start your own business, how?..

Some people initially join in the job, but after adding some funds later they will start their own business. what is strategy of this?..

By the way, if you spend your money, you can start the business of making money small scale first. However you can start your successful business with rs 5 lakhs or more.

Choose business by your own knowledge.

Let you know that your background plays a very important role in starting the business. For example if you are from the engineering field,then you can develop on website or IT field also.

However, It is not necessary that, engineering is from the field, then no other business can do it?… nothing that!! Actually business is a basic knowledge and management skills . In this case you don’t have information in this field,then you should get basic knowledge to start business.

Market Research

Experts always say that it is very important to research the market well before starting any business . So u can start a business from any place during the technical period. There will be a lot of opponents in the market field In this way how you serve them separately, It matters . It is also includes taking feedback from the costumers.

What are the opportunities in the service sector?

Let’s tell you that according to the small amount of business, It is difficult to run a manufacturing business, because it’s quite regulatory, as well as land or factory, which is very expensive at present. Tell you that doing business in the service sector can be the best step.

Actually, any business you can start as per your basic knowledge on it. According to this you can keep a worker for work, but you should have knowledge on it, unless you will not be able to work better than your worker. Take a six month training for improvement.

An idea for a business in the following sectors:-


Beauty Parlour


Online medicine business

Website marketing and designing

Agriculture cultivation

Kitchen backyard

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