If you are very crazy in social media, be careful! You may get mental illness

In the social media ,we get all kinds of information, with the use of internet, getting information and knowledge well and good to all. But it’s addiction is increasing day by day among the people, It is very dangerous, people use internet and social media and spending too much time on it , if you are also among these users who are active more than two hours on social media , then you must be reduced this activity very soon. Because you might not know that by being active on social media for more than two hours continuously, you may have serious illness.

If you use social media more than two hours every day, then your chances of getting mental disease are increased. According to the report not only apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, but also more use in You tube and other media makes people very likely to be psychopathic.

Putting your most fabulous, videos , status or pictures and sharing in social media , The moment onwards your mind started to vibrate, and many times in a day is proof that you need the reaction of on social media to consider your life meaningful. This means that the secretion of happy hormone dopamine in your brain is dependent on others or else you may become depressed.

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