Strategy of Business

The global online retailer operates with a sharp thin profit margin and succeeds due to a combination of economic scale , innovative various business process and a constant business strategy . Successful business strategy is guided by four principles .

1 . Strengthening Ecosystem

The business Ecosystem consist of merchandise, writers, reviewers, publishers, app developers and marketing servicers analysing team, and feature writers who get the word out about opportunities on business platform . Here the senior leadership developed in deriving maximum benefit from each component of the company ecosystem, as well as, strengthening relationship between the components.

Therefore due to agressive expansion of range of services and products within the company ecosystem, It couldn’t correct the to classify the business operations within a single industry. Here Amazon gives an assurance to the customers and it is valuable to the customers.

2 . Regularly sharing the new niches and segments through social media or blog . Today Amazon sells anything that will be available online . Sophisticated global logistics represents one of solid base of Amazon competitive advantage. The tech giant has used this advantage existingly to engage in Successfull business diversification . Recently the company launched Amazon home services, a simple way to buy and sell local professional services as a continuation of it’s diversification strategy .

3. Uncompressed focus on customer service.

Customer obsession is placed on at the core of Amazon business strategy The largest internet retailer in the world by revenue focus on long term growth rather than the short term profit . In it’s attempt to seek to be the best customer centered company . Amazon puts a margin in every boardroom to represent the customers , a physical reminder to innovative on their behalf.

4 . Focusing on the leadership values .

Gaining maximum contribution from human resources is another source of competitive advantage . Working for Amazon is a challenging experience and employees are expected to take on heavy working load

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