The True Emancipation of Universal

Love is the greatest compliment to all. It brings one into communication with infinite action. It is an inward and outward expression of the spiritual nature of all living things .

When love is combined with the spirit of romance, the world may rejoice , for these are the potentials of the great personalities who are profound thinkers of the world .

Love clears out selfishness,greed, jealousy, and envy . Love makes right royal kings of the humblest of the world. True greatness will never be found where loves does not abide . love is the warp and the woof of all the richest of life . It embellishes all riches and gives them the quality of endurance , evidence of which may be revealed by cursory observation of all who have acquired love.

The habit of going the extra mile leads to attainment of that spirit of love , for there can be no greater expression of love that demonstrated through service rendered unselfishly for the benefit of others.

If a man be truely great he will be compassionate, sympathetic and tolerent. He will love good and bad among all humanity. The good he will love with pride and administration and enjoy . The bad he will love with pity and sorrow for he will know , if he is truly great , that both good and bad qualities in men often are but the results of circumstances over which they have , because of their ignorance , little control .

The great minds every age have recognised love as the eternal elixir that binds the heartwounds of mankind and makes men the private keepers. If a man is truly great, he will love all mankind!!!!!!


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