A stolen moments to feed her baby

Mizoram volleyball player feeds her baby on field during interval

It is an inspiration to all women, because a volleyball player in Mizoram breast feeding her baby in between game on the field.

It shows Lalventluangi ,a volleyball player the Tuikum constituency team in Mizoram, feeding her seventh months old baby at the interval time during the Mizoram State games 2019.

A stolen moments to feed her baby in between a game was captured, it shows the lovely between mother and children. It was an heart touching scene to everyone , who loves their children.

Mizoram sports minister and the owner of l-league club Aizawl FC, Robert Romawia Royte also shared the picture on twitter and saluted the player and decided to award her a sum of 10000 as token of appreciation and becoming such a powerful image of positive motivation to all .

Mental Health

Mental health is the normal state of well being. Though mental health is a positive attitude and relative quality of life. The degree of mental health that an individual enjoys at time is subject to to countinues change. Mental health is a condition which is charecteristic of the average person, who meets the requirements of life according to his capacities and limitations. Mental health is not merely absence of mental illness. On the other hand, it is a positive, active quality of the individuals daily living. This quality of living is manifest in the behaviour of an individual, whose body and mind are working together in harmony. His thoughts, feelings and actions function jointly towards the common end, the successful accomplishment of his duty. Such a person can balance his feelings, desires, ambitions and ideals in his daily life, capable of facing and accepting the realities of life. His Habits of life. His Habits of work and attitudes towards people and things bring maximum satisfaction and happiness to the individual. He does things without any friction with the social order or individuals with whom he works.

Mental health has two important aspects, individual and social. The individual is internally adjusted. He should be self confident, adequate and free from his own conflicts and tensions or inconsistencies. He must be skillful enough to be able to adapt to new situations and achieve internal adjustment in a social setup. Society has certain value systems, customs and traditions by which it governs itself and promotes the general welfare of its members. It is within this social framework that the internal adjustment has to be made. Only then, the individual becomes a person who is acceptable as a member of his society.

To sum up, mental health is a state of a person’s own mental well being in which individuals feel basically satisfied with themselves, in their roles in life, and their relationship with others.

Find Out a Niche for Highest Earnings and Traffic!!!!!

Now I discuss to you how can specifically target high earnings content and AdSense topics that will help you to get higher earnings on your website.

I give you an idea, how to study your existing landing page EPMV, most successful categories, author metrics, and related keywords to attract advertisers that will bring you more money .

More over you will understand a few cool hacks for finding out relevant niche topics and AdSense topics make the highest advertiser competition within your realm of expertise, so you can start after content that will make higher Ad Earnings.

How much money can you make from each website visitors ?

How much money a website makes from display advertising or AdSense can vary dramatically. 1000 visits can generates less than $1USD or potentially$500USD in display and revenue depending on thousands of factors. For advertisers, there is no secret that certain audience are just simply worth more than others. This means that certain topics connect specifically with audiences that advertisers covet, it is relevant location and subject matter . Advertisers will bid more impressions on website that feature access to their coveted audience.

However It is not just about advertisers bidding more. It’s about competition for bid as well. Your content should attracted an audience that lots of advertisers want bid on.

I explain to you, how to hack Google AdSense to find the highest earnings topics for your website.

Simply writing a topic won’t necessarily make the audience that advertisers wanted; nor will it guarantee a lot of traffic. You need to able to write content that attracts quality traffic , you can search organically it is one of the best ways to find.

What is more, insurance, medicine and travel, diet food are traditionally high earning topics. But everyone can’t cater their content to these subjects. For example, if you have a website on a fashion, there may not be a lot of opportunities to target topics about cooking food or travel that your site can rank for in search results.

How can you target topics that makes good traffic, get the right audience and make the highest earnings.

Use the tools that Google ads and Ezoic. For Ezoic users , the free big data analytics application provides metrics on page and website performance , user and traffic trends, and much more. I will be walking through big data analytics and you can find your categories and pages using my website.

What categories and pages are the most valuable?

Know that which categories and pages of your website produce the most ad earnings will provide the foundation of targeting high earnings advertisers in your niche. This is better than out right knowing which content categories makes the highest earnings for all of AdSense for all display revenue. Targeting content based on this information may be a total waste of time unless your website is equipped to rank for those keywords or target the same.

Set Suitable Categories for your Topics

In big data analytics, navigate to the content tab and select categories . I never set any categories for this site , but most publishers will have a hand full of categories. My top categories are about education . If you use categories already on your website, this will typically get some clarity on which one is driving more of your revenue.

Then you can see a category to target, just look at individual pages of the website to decide which gets more value. Now you can decide which pages are the highest earning by studying which pages have the highest earnings per mile visitors.

Just mentioned that before, EPMV is a better metric to study than RPM because it measures the value of users entire visit, rather than just a single page. EPMV gives you a better idea of what pages provide the most valuable to the rest of your website.

Navigate to the content tab and then ‘landing page’ to see how your individual pages perform. Study your landing page can give you a lots of information on the performance of your website, including revenue and traffic data.

Who is writing best content?

Big data analytics also let you see which author is producing the highest earnings and most visited content. To do this’ select ‘author metrics’ in this example

However, if had a multiple writers or website authors, this would allow you to see who is earning the highest page RPM as well as how many articles they have made in a certain periods in website you can see that everything per week. This gives you good idea which authors make best content, their best categories are, and the landing pages they have produced.


Altogether, this should make clear that subjects are making the most amount of money and which author is providing the highest earning content. This can help you better in hands that you can pay writers and make clear with this to write more as well.

Does the website revenue come from the page or the visit?

From here, it is important to understand, which articles on the websites are earning the highest EPMV and why. Some website is making the bulk of their revenue from single page visits. It is mentioned that pages should be attracted the audience and get good engagement, thus advertisers bid for space on that page

The alternative is that visiters are landing on a page and generating lots of as impressions and get higher earnings.

Is your website generating good earnings from the content where the visitors land on a page and stay, or is it the landing pages that attract visitors to other pages?

In big data analytics, the visit depth tab will show you how many other pages a user visited after landing on a specific page.

I tell you that visitors don’t typically navigate to other pages after visiting the highest earning pages. There are many instances where people visit more pages but mostly visitors land on a page and then leave the website. This understand us that we can’t really rely on the visitors to visit many pages, so we should aim on it.

Which Niche pays the highest in AdSense and other non – Google networks

Now we know which is the most popular categories, the highest earning content, which writers are making that content , and how our audience behaves, we can being writing content that will attract the attention of high bidding advertisers .

Remind in your mind, the internet is filled with shady operators looking to make fast money off and writing about” the highest earning AdSense Niche” beware about this.

To do this, you can use Google AdSense to better understand how advertisers are behaving in your niche

Step 1: create a Google ads account

This no way that you have to begin advertising with Google Ads, we are going to use the tools within it . It will ask you to set up a campaign and such, but just make and leave or pause it, then it will remove automatically.

Step 2: The tool we wanted in Google Ads is the new keyword planner, which you can find in the left panel, there you can open the application.

As you understood before, one of the best categories on the website search . There are many filters you can apply on it. But I recommend to select related ideas, this will provide information on topics similar to the other topics.

If you have a topic that is very broad, it is good for bringing related ideas. If your content is more specific, such as education or health, that you can select related ideas more.

Step 3: see the keywords associated with different monthly searches, how competitive it is, they share as impression and the top of page bid. Though these are search ads versus display ads, It give you an idea of what advertisers are bidding the highest on.

Step 4: from there, sort the results for top of the page bid, as you can see the highest bidding topics are any. This gives you a good idea of what types of keywords and topics are the highest earning and how much competition there is for that keywords. Which categories are a great place to start for creating content that high earning advertisers will be attracted to.

Using related keywords to target high bidding advertisers

Now you have collected all datas need to begin to structure the content that may appeal to highest earning advertisers.

  • Categories
  • High earning EPMV Pages
  • Author metrics
  • Valuable keywords
  • Valuable topics

There are few ways to get about targeting these advertisers and it will vary for each publisher and topic . If your visit depth is deep for your highest EPMV articles, you may want to consider what you can do to make the series of articles versus a single article on the topic. Otherwise it may make more sense for you to write on an article.

Targeting these types of subjects you can make double literally , there you can see the EPMV also diversifying the content on your website.

These news I have experienced on my website that I interested to share through my blog Discovery

Thank you


Your brain is much better than you think; just use it. Leonardo Da Vinci

The human brain is the command center for the human nervous system. It recieves input from the sensory organs and sends output to the muscles.


The large part of the brain is the cerebrum, which is divided into two hemispheres. Underneath lying the brainstem , and behind that sits cerebellum. The our most layer of the cerebrum is the cerebral cortex, which consists of four lobes, the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the temporal lobe and the occipital lobe.

The cerebral cortex is greatly enlarged in human brain, and it’s considered the seat of complex thought. The frontal lobes are associated with higher level functions such as self control , planning,logic and abstract thoughts . Visual process takes place in the occipital lobe, the temporal lobe process sound and language, and includes hippocampus and amygdala, which play roles in memory and emotions, respectively. The parietal lobe integrates input from different senses and it is important for spatial orientation and navigation.

The brainstem connects to the spinal cord and it consists of medulla oblongata, ponds and midbrain. Relaying information between the brain and the body, supplying some of the cranial nerves to the face and head , and performing critical functions in controlling the heart, breathing and consciousness .

Between the cerebrum and brainstem lie the thalamus and hypothalamus. The thalamus relaying sensory and motor signals to the cortex and it is involved in regulating consciousness, sleep and alertness. The hypothalamus connects the nervous system to the endocrine system where hormones are produced via pituitary gland.

The cerebellum lies beneath the cerebrum and has important functions in motor control. It plays a role in coordination and balance and may also have some cognitive functions.


Definition of intelligence

Define intelligence:- is the aggregate or global capacity of an individual, to act purposefully, to think rationally, to deal effectively with his environment .

Intelligence classified in three categories

1. Abstract intelligence :- It is the ability to understand words, numbers and letters and to use them effectively abstract intelligence is required in ordinary academic subjects in schools such as reading, writing a solving academic problems.

Binet Kamath test of intelligence

Modified version of Stanford. Binet scale measuring intelligence of Indian children

It is an age scale where in the test are grouped into age levels extending from 3years to superior adult level ( 3years 22 years)

Each age level consist of six test

There is no test for ages 11 years to 21years

Piaget’ s theory: intelligence is an adaptive process that involves an interplay of biological maturaion and interaction with the environment . He views intellectual development as an evolution of cognitive processes such as understanding he laws of nature the principles of grammar and mathematical rules.

2 . Determinants of intelligence.

Heredity and environments Twin studies: identical twins/ fraternal twins

Environmental studies: environmental deprivation and environmental enrichment, cultural variation

Heredity places limits on one’s intellectual potential and environments determine where one falls within these limits.

3. Concrete intelligence. It an ability to understand and deal with things, as in skilled trades or scientific appliances this is also known as mechanical or motor intelligence.

Social intelligence

Social intelligence is revealed when a person is able to establish social relations in conformity with his social and cultural norms.

Every child is a 🌟

Most professionals agreed that talents are important, eventually they come to focus exclusively on the serious business of reading remediation alone. We need to change this.

Most of us who are focusing on remediation, on fixing problems do not develop new understanding of special talents, especially talents that seem to have nothing to do with school and conventional academics . But may have everything to do with success in work and life. While all agree that talents are important, usually almost nothing is done and needless to say, that great talents have been wasted. We need to start Dyslexic- centered programs . As if talents of Dyslexics really do matter. We must not be mainly school centered as we are now. It is time for all of us to rethink what we should be doing in schools and colleges to prepare students for today’s global economy. Often our thinking is imprisoned by our deep assumption about what is essential for success in education, life and work. Careful investigation of the life and work, accomplishments of highly successful Dyslexics, whose insights and creativity are usually more important than book knowledge, will show us how wrong we can be. When we look at high success in entrerpreneurial business, artistic creation, technical design or scientific discovery, we understand that we need to focus on what is that the Dyslexics brain is doing much better than those around them. It is quite different from reading books, listening to lectures, and memorizing long lists of names and facts. Dyslexics frequently excel in high market value creative and entrepreneurial skills, while they often fail on low market value school- based skills.

Early identification and intervention is also very important. The younger the child, the more effective is the intervention , prior to the child failing in school. According to the professor Julie Logan at London Cass business school, the primary reason why the US has a greater number of Dyslexics entrepreneurs is because the US has a better system for identification, intervention and support of those with Dyslexia at a young age, giving them much better chance of success. The UK system fails to identify Dyslexia at a young age, meaning that many of those with potential to be successful entrepreneurs never get the chance. We should be producing more Richard Bransons, but the system is failing our children. Professor Logan continues, lesson should encourage both left and right brain learning and encourage softskill development. Dyslexics need to be placed in a more holistic and practical teaching settings which will foster their skills and enhance their potential. This approach would produce a more flourishing entrepreneurial society

I hope this article will helpful to the teachers and parents , those spend their time with the students , who are struggling to get results in them.


Thanks for reading

Have a great day


Jack canfield- Rich Habit: Find a mentor

Jack canfiCan, author of the chicken soup of the soul series and success principles, holds the guinnes book world record for most books sold by an author- 500 million. He is also considered the# success coach in America. His seminar, training programs and coaching programs teach tens of thousands his success principles each year. How did he do that? Canfield was mentored by C Clement Stone , a legendary personal development expert who also mentored of Mandino, a former publisher of Success Magazine and the author of The Greatest Salesmen in the world, a book that sold over 20 million copies. But Clement was only one of Canfield’s mentors in life. Others who helped mentor Cannfiel include. Mark Victor Hansen, Janet Switzer, John Gray, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohan and John Maxwell. That’s is a lot of mentors!!

Letters are running from my hands

At school as a teacher l had to heal few children those are struggling with letters, still I remember that, some teachers called them lazy and blamed them left handed, forefathers found it was a sin because left handed child got a poor memory.

I remember becoming frustrated at school , the child has a lot of ideas in his mind, but he couldn’t explained that to his teachers and classmates. He was dreaming a lots In the class room , while teaching subjects by teachers. While teachers asked questions to him , he was blinking to the words in his hands , class mates rediculed and teacher shouted at him, and the boy frustrated with this incident and run away from the classroom.

Some how catched him by school driver’s help , and I have got in my hands . I took him to my cabin and discussed with him, and i thought he wants individual attention for his study

I decided to have a meeting with a support expertise from my school’s learning support department . We discussed about his learning difficulties . After being referred , they have concluded , it was a learning disability means “Dyslexia”

The result found that he had a common traits of Dyslexia. From then alloted an extra time for his studies. I suggested every subject teachers to help and give a copy of notes, so that he could go over them in his hands on his own time.

Despite his struggle with words, some how he managed to get pass marks.

As a teacher, who have to fill out numerous amounts of forms and read a large amount of documents. I am proud of that I will add something extra by myself for the result that I have helped these students, where my service shines through .

There are no limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination and wonder

-Ronald Reagan

Card games are good ‘social’ games. Children playing card games are learning and practicing fundamental mathematical skills: counding ,sequencing, recognizing clusters of ‘ pips’ as deferent numbers etc . A simple game of ‘pairs’ is good for visual memory . Rummy combines memory with reasoning . It is an ecxexcell game for adaptation , as the point of the game is the collection of sots and much learning also involves sets.

I know that sometimes, it will take me a few days to find the right words to write in my blog for my readers. I think it is sometimes, just the creative process. But I love It ! That is why I know that while writing can be struggle, and still I find it giddy and same time I like the process of finding the right words.

It’s my own private journal and I am free completely when I write on my blog. Sometimes I just discribe some object in my taste and that I spill through my pen. Sometimes , I let out all my frustrations or emotions up on my key board.

Eventhough, I save my work and I never re – read or edit my writings, I just publish it, that makes me feel happy and I have got more freedom.

I asked to my neighbor, who resides near to my apartment. He has crossed sixty and leading retirement. What kind of changes you are feeling after your retirement . He said to me the following and very interesting , humorous and thoughtful lines , which I would like to share with my readers.

He started that !!!, ….

After loving my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children and my friends, now I have started loving myself.

I just realized that I am not “Atlas” the world not resting on my shoulders.

I now stopped bargaining with vegetables, fruits and grocery ventors, after all a few rupees more not going to burn a hole in my pocket but it might help the poor fellow save for his children’ s School fees.

I pay the taxi driver without waiting for the change , the extra money might bring a smile on his face. After all he is toiling much harder for a living than me.

I stopped telling the elderly that they have already narrated that many times. After all the story makes them walk down the memory lane and relivinng the past.

I have learned that, no need to correct the people even when I know they are wrong, after all one of them making everyone perfect is not on me. Peace is more precious than perfection.

I give complements and appreciation freely and generously. After all It is a mood enhancer not only the recipient, but also for me.

I have learned not to bother about a crease or a spot on my shirt . After all, personality speaks louder than appearances.

I walked away from the people who don’t value me , after all they might not know my worth , but I know.

I remain cool down , someone plays dirty politics to out run on me in the rat race. After all, I am not a rat and neither am I in any race.

Iam learning not to be embarrassed by my emotions that makes me human.

I have learned that it’s better to drop the ego than to break a relationship. After all my ego will keep me aloof whereas with relationship I will never be alone.

I have learned to live each day as if it is the last . After all, it might be the last.

Iam doing what makes me happy, after all I am responsible for my happiness and I owe it to me.

Here I remind you all, why do we have to wait for so long, why can’t we practice this at any time and any stage

Thank you for reading, ramlavengoli.info/amazon.in

A close bond between parents and children

MY kid

Attachment parenting style is a strong bond between parents and children. This parenting style makes for father and mother who are highly concentrated to their kids needs. Attachment parenting is a parenting style that emphasizes a good relationship building with their children.

They also being highly concerned and receptive to their kid’s needs. It is more attached with things that keep parents and kids close, like breast feeding on demand , and responding right away to the baby who cries out during sleep or play.

Attachment parenting is not one of the parenting styles developed by psychogist. It was Diana Baumrind and her successors, who studied preschoolers and found that parents fit into four set of groups.

There are four groups

Authoritative parents, authoritarian parents, permissive parents and neglected parents.

Psychologists explain how to stop over thinking

Over thinking can lead to serious emotional distress and increase your difficulties. Endless thinking makes a serious mental health problems also.

Over thinkers spend most of their walking time ruminating, which causes pressure on themselves. Then they mistake that pressure to be stress.

Over thinking can take many forms, endlessly deliberating when making a decision, attempting to read minds, trying to predict future .

People who over think consistently run commentaries in their heads, criticizing and picking apart what they said and did yesterday , terrified that they look bad and fretting about a terrible future that might awaiting them.

Overthinking , when it is dominating their minds , as if an invisible jury is sitting in judgment on their lives. And they agonize over what to do next, because they are deeply concerned about how other people will interpret in their activities. They don’t sleep well because ruminating and worrying them awake at night.

Ruminators repetitively go over events, asking big questions, Why did that happen? What does it mean? Explain that Susan Nolen Hoeksema, the chair of the department of psychology at Yale university and the author of Women who think too much, how to break free of overthinking and reclaim our life.

So often people confuse overthinking with problem- solving , ” says Odessky the author of stop anxiety from stopping You” but what ends up happening is we just sort of go in a loop. We are not solving the the problems.

Overthinking is destructive and mentally draining. It can makes you feel like and you are stuck in one place, and if you don’t act, it can greatly impact on your day to day life. It can quickly put your health miserable and totally risk.

Rumination leads you more susceptible to depression and anxiety. Many people overthinking because they are scared of the future, and what could potentially wrong. Because we feel vulnerable about the future. We trying to solve problems in our head.

Extreme overthinking can easily sap your sense of control over your life. It robs us an active participation in everything around us.

Chronic worries show an increased incidence of coronary problems and and suppressed immune functioning.

Dwelling on the past or the future also takes us away from the present, rendering us unable to complete the work currently on our plates. If you ask ruminators how they are feeling, none will say happy.

Overthinking will trap the brain in a worry circle. When ruminating become has natural as beating , you need to quickly deal with it and find a solution to it.

” you can cultivate a little Psychological distance by generating other interpretations of the situation, which makes your negative thoughts less believable, says Bruce Hubbard , the director of the cognitive health group and an adjunct assistant professor of psychology and education at Colombia University. This called cognitive restructuring.

Ask yourself what is the probability and what I scared of will actually happen? If the probability is low, what are some more likely outcomes?

How to defeat this pattern of thinking and win your life back

Downloaded pic

Chronic worrying is not permanent . It is a mental attitude that can be broken. You can train your brain to look at life from a different perspective.

To overcome this overthinking , you have to replace the thoughts. ” Tell yourself don’t make a certain thought is not the way, and you need to replace the thoughts.

What are you going to think about? Okay , you just think about red elephants !!!

What happened?

That’s ok: red elephants, if you don’t wanted to think about a red elephant , image in your mind . How much time you hold in your mind?

Talk yourself out of it by noticing when you stuck in your head.

So you can reschedule your overthinking Habits if you can start taking a grip in your self talk, that inner voice will provide a running monologue throughout the day and even into the night.

You can also control your ruminating habit by connecting with your sense. Just you can be noticed that what you can hear, you can see, you can smell, you can taste and your feelings.

The idea is to reconnect with your immediate world around you, then you spend less time in your mind.

Be aware your over thinking habits and talk yourself this will help you take control on your thinking.

When you feel anxiety and uncomfortable, thinking what I am doing? and where I’m going? Everything in your mind , then you should take a walk around there and see what happened. ”

Sometimes you stuck in your career, tell yourself or write in your diary. I want a job job where I feel more comfortable.

Then make a plan to expand your skills and find for a better opportunities surrounding yours.

Do a brain dumb of everything on your mind in to the page , sometimes that can afford a sense of relief. Distract yourself and redirect your attention to something else that requires focus

If you wanted to interrupt and replace hundreds of times a day, it will stop fast . Even if the switch is simply to return attention to the task at hand, it should be a dicision to change ruminative thoughts.

If you taking this practice, you will be able to easly recognise when you are worrying unnecessarily, and you can choose instead to do something in real life rather than spending a lot of time in your head.

Don’t get lost in thoughts about what you could have, then you should do defferently. Mental stress can seriously impact your quality of life.

An over active mind can make life miserable. Learn how to stop spending more time in your head is the one of greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Beauty pic

Like all habits changing your distructve thoughts pattern can be changed, but it’s not impossible.

With practice you can train your brain to perceive things differently and reduce the stress of over thinking.

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Hydrotherapy treatment benefits and types contraindications. Hydrotherapy treatment involves the use of unique properties in water to achieve therapeutic benefits. Hydrotherapy treatment is treating a disease or symptoms with the use of water . This dated as far back as 4500 BC in ancient Roman culture bath houses were a vital component of life.

Hydrotherapy bath Tub


Hygiology is the study of the problems of normal people and the prevention of the incidence of serious emotional difficulties. The Counsellor is always concerned with normal individuals who experience conflicts of different degrees of complexity, experience, anxiety are unable to decide and are subject to stress . The importance of counselling in modern times cannot be overemphasized . It can become almost indispensable owing to rapid industrialisation, ecological imbalance, excessive competition and other factors contributing to the increase in occurrence of mental disorders and maladaptive behaviour.

Tags:- health issues, mental health disability, treatment and prevention


Yoga is helpful for complementary treatment and clinical depression

Yoga and breathing exercise can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety in both in short and long terms. Published in the journal of psychiatric practice , the study from Boston University School of medicine (BUSM) provided evidence that yoga can be a helpful complementary treatment for clinical depression or major suppressive disorder .

To get this conclusion , a group of thirty clinically depressed patients were randomly divided into two groups. Over three months the high dose group spent one hundred twenty three hours in sessions while the low dose group spent Eighty seven hours.

Result showed that within a month both groups sleep quality significantly improved. Tranquility,positivity, physical exhaustion and symptoms of anxiety and depression significantly improved in the groups, as measured by several validated clinical scales.

Think of this way we give meditation in different ways in order to enact their effects on the body to varying degrees. Here we explored same concept, but used yoga . Past years yoga and depression studies not have really delved deeply into this.

Research has shown that combining Therapy and meditation has greater success than either treatment alone.

Although studies with more participants would be helpful in further investigation in benefits, this small study indicates adding yoga to the prescription may be helpful.


Exam phobia

amazon.inWhat parents,teachers and students know?

No matter, what are the initiatives do the government, experts or educationalists take to ease the burden of children, the vicious circle of exam result stress keep repeating on end. While the parents also the same line with unlimited anxiety for their wards score the system remain unchanged leaving children mentally stressed. Being excessively exposed to such a situation can even lead to the psychological problems among children. This will ultimately downgrade their calibre and aptitude . Then what could be the solution when there is a huge portion of the syllabus to be covered and the heat of the exam is felt closely.

Some steps to make examination easier

We should help children learn how to take on exams. For instance, students who study maths should practice it by doing the sums rather than reading notes or textbooks. They should draw illustration on their own . They can also learn by noting down the points. They can memorise points faster. Children should be trained to overcome fear and anxiety in exam halls so that don’t forget matters they had learned well. Students also practice writing answers in a time bound manner using model question papers . It is not students who have more knowledge who score high , but students who have the skill to perform well in the exam . So along with studies children should be trained to gain the acumen to deal with exam and score high. Above all, children should be made to understand that learning is an enjoyable exercise.


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These foods to get Glow your skin in winter season


Oranges are the very good fruits for keeping your skin beautiful in winter. These fruits are easily available in the market. This juicy citrus fruits are one of the best choices for vitamin C and anti oxidants. It is very rich water content which helps to maintain proper water balance in your skin. Anti oxidants prevents cellular damages of your skin and prevents water dryness. It increases your skin to shine and Glow.


Amazon.in In winter plenty of fruits available in market. Strawberries are really delicious. This fruits are packed with numerous nutriants which makes your skin glowing from inside. This fruits contains a lots of vitamins and minerals in it which is important for skin health. It is also rich in antioxidants which are beneficial for preventing premature aging of your skin.



Apple is very good for keeping your skin healthy. This delicious fruit is a rich source of antioxidants which keeps your skin soft and damage free. It keeps your skin free from any aging signs and supple. This fruit’s flush you can use as a home made face packs.



Avocado fruits are very good for healthy skin and hair , it has much benefitial for our skin. Regular consumption of this Fruits especially in winter can provide you glowing skin. This Fruits have high moisture content which helps to locking moisture in your skin. So it keeps hydrated a long time. It contains vitamin C, and E which helps our skin healthy. It also contains with folic acid and magnesium that also helps for healthy skin.


This super food is rich in vitamin A and E , which is very important for skin health care. This green leafy vegetable is rich in minerals too. Try to keep this vegetable in your winter diet for a healthy glowing skin.



Tomatoes are really very easy to find during winter season. Which helps us to maintain proper skin health. It is rich in antioxidants named as lycopin . It makes our skin. flawless and repair skin damages caused by free radicals. If you wanted a glowing skin this winter try to incorporate Tomatoes in your everyday diet.


To get glowing skin in winter season you must have to keep Almond in your daily diet plan . Almond is a rich source of various important nutrients like minerals and vitamins . It is rich in vitamin E which is so important for skin health. Include in your breakfast or in your evening snacks to get most benefit out of it.

Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in flavonoids which are one kind of antioxidants and helping to keep your skin youthful. It slows down the aging process of skin and prevents premature skin aging. Now take a cup of Green Tea .

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Writing the future Letter is a lot of fun. It will get really your imagination going. When you are done , you will feel immediately better about yourself. Every person person enjoy this activity because it’s required the use of imagination. Here’s how it works:

Go into the future five,ten or twenty years , let’s use five years for the purpose of this example, imagin it is five years from now and you are writing a letter to yourself explaining what your life is like. In a perfect world, what would you like your life to look like five years from now? You want to paint a picture of your Life , five years from now, that is the perfect , Ideal life . It is the life you would want to have if you could snap your fingers today. Discribe in your letter where you live , what kind of house you live in, which car you drive , what you do for a living, how much money you make etc . Describe what you have done the past five years; the goal you have accomplished and the dreams that have come true. This future Letter will become the blue print for your future, perfect life.


Hai good morning to all !!!🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷🌷

We always try to be the best to our dear ones, relatives and friends. Discuss about the relationships and feelings, how we feel about the world.

Always parting with the nature of Humans and their behaviour. We always think that if I have done something special, what will say people, if I did that what will happen!! I say my opinion , nothing will happen. If you have decided to do something , do it today itself, not tomorrow , ok !!! We wake up daily thinking , what if I was there? What will happen? Think on it, but never overcome the thoughts.

Also in relationships , there are many complications about what I have done. The reaction we make when someone ignores us, the attitude we show after getting ignored. We got immense pleasure while we talk with dear ones and our friends , but on the other side we get jealous when someone talking to them friendly . That’s the human nature, we couldn’t get away from this condition.

Every person you meet in your life is for a reason, either you make life with them or you will get a lesson to learn . “Trust is like a flower ” once crumpled never perfect again


A gift will catch your lover’s heart!!!!

Have you forgotten your loved ones birthday? Or you missed to wishing your dear ones anniversary, definitely you may get a bigger hit from that day onwards. Sometimes you are too late to reach home back, if so I give you some tips to make them feel happy.

A small gift will give you tremendous happiness

Who does not like jewellery? No one; if you forget your dear ones birthday or anniversary then at first go to a jewellery shop. Buy a favourite one, then come to home, forgive everything and get a hot warm hugs from them.

A beautiful costume.

Everybody likes shopping mall isn’t it? Shopping is the one of the hobbies . If your dear is angry with you take them to the shopping, it is one of the way to win the heart of your dears.


Perfume is an emotional gift to make happy your partner


If you search over internet about this you will get Thousands of ways to earn money , choosing one of them is hard.

Here I can help you with some tips to earn money.

  1. Blogging
  2. You tuber
  3. Writing job
  4. Online survey
  5. Earn from PTC sites
  6. CapchaC solutions
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Freelancer
  9. Online sales

If you have an idea about a particular or a different topic you can choose a Blogging as your way to earn money. Blogging is the best way to pouring your knowledge over World. Blogging is the one way communication to the people. If you are choosing to blog , then you should have a consistency on with your writing over on interesting topics.


  1. A Computer/ laptop with internet connection
  2. Select a topic
  3. A blog account ( wordpress, GoDaddy or any)
  4. Write regularly

Will continue……..on…


Its backers argue that Seattle’s biggest business should contribute to easing a shortage of low-cost housing they helped to create through an over heated realestate market that left many working poor and middle class families unable to afford to live in the city.

Opponents have branded the measure a tax on jobs that would spark an economic backlash. Corporate reaction to the election out come was muted. The business community stands to ready work with the new Seattle the city council the PAC’s director Markham McIntyre said a statement on Friday . How our local government chooses to partner or Create division matters .

On Wednesday before the out come was known, Amazon said that was pleased with the direction of the election and looked forward to working with new city council, which we believe will be considerably more open to constructive dialogue.

Amazon has since not responded to further requests for comment.

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Functional MRI shows under activation in areas where they are weaker and over activation in other areas to compensate. Thus there is a failure of the left hemisphere rear brain systems to function properly during reading. There is also greater activation in the lower frondal areas of the brain. This leads to conclusion that neutral systems in frontal regions may compensate for the distruption in the posterior area.

Functional MRI in individuals have shown three areas of left hemisphere to be active while reading.

1. Broca’s area and inferior frontal gyrus

2 . Parieto – temporal area

3 . Occipito – temporal area

The Broca’ s area and inferior frontal gyrus is responsible for a relatively slow process of articulation and word formation.

The parieto-temporal area is responsible for word analysis: It is believed to analyse a word, pull it apart and link its orthography ( letters) to sound.

The occipito temporal area is the express pathway to reading open to the skilled reader. This area reacts almost instantly to all the word as a pattern identifying the word by sight . It helps in identifying written word .

There are thus three neutral pathways for reading, two slower analytical one’s, that are mainly used by the beginning readers and express route, the occipito temporal, relied on by experienced skilled readers.


The term’dyslexia’ was introduced in 1884 by the German ophthalmologists R Berlin. He coint it from Greek words’dys’ meaning ill or difficult and ‘lexis’meaning word. The problem was first described in 1896 by Dr. W Pringle, Morgan in England. He wrote about a bright and intelligent boy quick at games and no way inferior to others of his age. His great difficulty has been and now his ability to learn to read.

According to Medilexicons medical dictionary , dyslexia is impaired reading ability with a competence level below that expected on the basis of the person ‘s level of intelligence and the presence of normal vision , letter recognition and meaning of the pictures and object.
Dyslexia reflects a problem within the language system in the brain ( Syawiz 2003). There appear to be a ‘glitch ‘
In the neural wiring when it first lay down during the embryonic development, but this miswiring is confined to the specific neural system used for reading. Neurons are found in unusual places in the brain, and they are not neatly ordered as in non- Dyslexic brains.
        In addition to unique brain architecture and usual wiring, functional studies of MRI have shown that persons with dislexia do not use the same part of the brain when reading as other person . Regular readers consistently use their same part of the brain when they read. Persons with dislexia do not use that part of the brain, and there appears to be no consistent part used among Dyslexic readers or the most efficient part of their brain is not used.

In dyslexia, the eyes and ears are working properly but the lower center of the brain scramble the images or sounds before they reach higher (more intelligent) centers of the brain. These causes confusion as well as frustration for the learner.

Carl Jung

Dyslexia is a word reading problem due to differences in the brain that makes learning letter sounds difficult. Without adequate Letter sound knowledge, recognising words in print is slow and inaccurate . Thus dyslexia is a difference in the parts of the brain, Which process language . It is known that the brains of Dyslexic are wired differently than normal human brain, and thus process language less efficiently.

Incidence of Dyslexia is equal in sexes. Boys are more likely to act out as a result of having a reading difficultly. But girls are more likely to try to hide their difficulty becoming quiet and reserved. There boys are 1 1/2-3 times more likely come up with Dyslexia than girls.

Structural differences in brain of Dyslexics

The brain is made up of two types of materials, Gray matter and white matter. Gray matter is what we See when we look at brain and is mostly composed of nerve cells. Its primary function is processing information . White matter is found within the parts of the brain, is composed of connective fibers covered in myelin, the coating disingned to facilitate communication between nerves cells. White matter is primarily responsible for information transfer around the brain.

Booth and Burman (2001) found that persons with Dyslexia have less gray matter in the left parieto-temporal area than non Dyslexic individuals. This could lead to problems processing the sound structure of language (phonological awareness)

Many people with Dyslexia also have less white matter in this same area than average readers. This could lessen the ability or efficiency of the regions of the brain to communicate with one another.

Amazon partners with kudumbasree to empower women entrepreneurs


Amazon India signed an MoU with kudumbasree, a poverty eradication and women empowerment program implemented by the state. Poverty Eradication Mission of Kerala Government for its pioneering programs.

Through this partnership, amazon India will support, Train and empower the women entrepreneurs associated with the organisation and provide a marketplace for them showcase their products to Amazon costumers across the country,a press release said.

Kudumbasree is one of the largest women empowerment programs in the world with more than 1000 community development societies and reaching more than four million women across 14 district in Kerala.

The Saheli team will train and support women entrepreneurs associated with kudumbasree and provide them a slew of benefits to enable them to selling online at zero initial cost. They will provide seamless on – boarding assistants, imaging and cateloging, product listing, subsidized referral fee and account management, the release said.

It is also considered as one of the largest women empowerment project in India.

By supporting women weavers and hanti-craft experts , this association will change the socioeconomic life of women in India. Both in rural and urban ereas of the state .S Hari Kishore, executive director kudumbasree said.

The training workshop comprise the sessions on listing of products, imaging, and cataloguing, packaging and shipping , inventory and account management and costomer servicing.

Amazon Saheli works with 17 partners with the reach of 100000 women entrepreneurs.

Currently the Saheli program includes women entrepreneurs like house wives , domestic helpers, artisats etc. With 1000of products across 13catogories like apparel, jewelry and groceries.

Amazon prime

Amazon is one of the world’s largest E- service providers, started by Jeff Bezos 1994. Amazon now provides everything under the sky in their online store. At first he started with online retailer of Books. Though many business experts predicted that Amazon would be a grand failure. The venture exceeded their expectations, they focused on growing big fast.

The company went public in 1997 and they diversified into selling music and videos . 1998 amazon bigan international operations by acquiring online book sellers in UK, and Germany. By 1999the company was also selling consumer electronics, video games and much more. Today Amazon is an everything in their store.

It also provides other services like amazon.inon prime Vedios .


Amazon Alexa

Amazon Robotics

Amazon prime music as well

Now it is grown up wold wide marketing business.


How can start a business own with a small amount?!!!


You can start your own business, how?..

Some people initially join in the job, but after adding some funds later they will start their own business. what is strategy of this?..

By the way, if you spend your money, you can start the business of making money small scale first. However you can start your successful business with rs 5 lakhs or more.

Choose business by your own knowledge.

Let you know that your background plays a very important role in starting the business. For example if you are from the engineering field,then you can develop on website or IT field also.

However, It is not necessary that, engineering is from the field, then no other business can do it?… nothing that!! Actually business is a basic knowledge and management skills . In this case you don’t have information in this field,then you should get basic knowledge to start business.

Market Research

Experts always say that it is very important to research the market well before starting any business . So u can start a business from any place during the technical period. There will be a lot of opponents in the market field In this way how you serve them separately, It matters . It is also includes taking feedback from the costumers.


What are the opportunities in the service sector?

Let’s tell you that according to the small amount of business, It is difficult to run a manufacturing business, because it’s quite regulatory, as well as land or factory, which is very expensive at present. Tell you that doing business in the service sector can be the best step.

Actually, any business you can start as per amazon.in your basic knowledge on it. According to this you can keep a worker for work, but you should have knowledge on it, unless you will not be able to work better than your worker. Take a six month training for improvement.

An idea for a business in the following sectors:-


Beauty Parlour


Online medicine business

Website marketing and designing

Agriculture cultivation

Kitchen backyard

Sitting at home and earn extra money!!!

http://amazon.inMany people are earning money from home based jobs. Mainly online platform, here are some best sites to get some money through online marketing. There are international and domestic based businesses can do from home itself. For international business from home jobs , you have to open a PayPal account. For domestic business , either check or bank account transfer can be done by recruiters sometimes you may get cheques through your address.

  • Amazon Mturk.com https://amazon.in , this site belongs to Amazon.com . It is a challenging market place to work with normal human intelligence. It gives a number of tasks to complete for it’s workers. Amazon company has a true affiliate marketing also. By answering the questions one can earn money in Dollars.
  • work and hire.com It’s one of the Indian based company. We need to create our profile with our skill sets and experience then we get the notification of jobs to our registered email id.
  • crowd site.com It is a online site for creative designs and arts . Client will conduct contest for design to be developed for their works and choose, freelancers for their disign to be completed one after other.
  • shuttershock.com This is an international site, where one can earn money by aploadinng images of their or any particular topic based images as well . Aploaded images approved by shuttshock team,then once they are used by costumers will get money.
  • truelancer.com

It is one of the freelancers site. Many of the employers post their work to be done and search for best freelancers to complete their job.

  • freelancer.com It is an online platform where potential employers post their work and make it done and can earn good amount. This platform allows freelancers to participate in contest and earn a good amount of rewards.
  • upwork.com this site also like freelancing site.we need to prepare our profile and create an account to this website. There you can search the Jobs and bid on the jobs and get approval to proceed .
  • guru.com It is one of the website where freelancers can be given job proposal based on their profiles. Once their profiles checked and accepted by guru professionals then you will get all notification to your registered email address.
  • clickworker.com This is the one of best international site. Good professional who are searching for good part-time job and wanted to reward of earning Money has to approach this site . Need to prepare your profile and update it on this site . There you will get all notification comes through your email address. You can apply and search jobs and earn money.
  • peopleperhour.com it’s a freelance marketing places where freelancers can be choosed from defferent places, countries, regions and territories . it’s a London based company or website for freelancers to work and earn good money. As checked this website none of these are changing joining fee at their respective sites. You can visit all these sites mentioned above and get registered immediately and apply for a job and earn good amount of money.

If you are very crazy in social media, be careful! You may get mental illness

In the social media ,we get all kinds of information, with the use of internet, getting information and knowledge well and good to all. But it’s addiction is increasing day by day among the people, It is very dangerous, people use internet and social media and spending too much time on it , if you are also among these users who are active more than two hours on social media , then you must be reduced this activity very soon. Because you might not know that by being active on social media for more than two hours continuously, you may have serious illness.

If you use social media more than two hours every day, then your chances of getting mental disease are increased. According to the report not only apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, but also more use in You tube and other media makes people very likely to be psychopathic.

Putting your most fabulous, videos , status or pictures and sharing in social media , The moment onwards your mind started to vibrate, and many times in a day is proof that you need the reaction of on social media to consider your life meaningful. This means that the secretion of happy hormone dopamine in your brain is dependent on others or else you may become depressed.

Start a profitable business !! how?

Become a star earn money as a promoter

Select your business space

Amazon affiliate business, not many people know that Amazon has pretty cool commission for their workers . Amazon will dish out commission to websites that refers customers to its site . Create a website and promote various products with original links and get good profit if users complete an Amazon orders . At the start they pay a small amount but that become as high as bigger depending on how many orders are made through the link you added in your website or blog.

Great strategy for entrepreneurial minded people. There is a few examples for the business ideas you may have to consider . Here are some types of Business suggestions that you can try it.


Giving music Tutorial

School tutors

Graphic designer

Website designer

Blog writing

Pet care

Website writer

Although amazon.com is the biggest internet retailer in the world . Amazon’s website tries to personalize the buying experience for it’s customers. It knows what you wanted and what you are interested in. Amazon purchase link . http://amazon.in

Ramlavengoli, mail id: ramlabv.vengoli@gmail.com


The world’s largest internet company!!!! http://amazon.in

Amazon.com is the largest internet company in the world. It is started out as an online booking store in the middle of 1990s and grew gradually over the years Today Amazon sells almost everything from cash on delivery and paid on delivery , and both is applicable . The company also produces it’s own tablets and E- readers and let’s users upload their own photos and other files to the Amazon cloud pages .

Amazon offers its services all over the world . It operates it’s own websites in UK, Germany, China, Australia,as well as many south American and Asian countries .

Amazon.in was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 . It first operated out of a small garage in Washington state . Within a year Amazon offered Hundred of thousands of books . People couldn’t only order books from an online catalog but write their own views . In 1997 Amazon.com started trading shareholders on the NASDAQ stock exchange by 2000 it made over a billion dollars in sales .

As time went on amazon.in grew gradually. It has many of its revals and today it is cooperating with many other companies and let them sell their products via Amazon website.

In 2007 Amazon went a step further . It is surprised the electronic world wide revelutionary E- book reader , the kindle , which today dominates the marketing . In 2011 a tablet Computer Or laptop followed , the Amazon fire . In the following year the company started selling music downloads and videos on demand . Amazon customers can Store anything and everything they purchased on their private cloud and download it anytime they wanted .

Today amazon.in serves more than 20 million customers everyday . Its annual income is more and more increased day by day.

There are number of strategies for Amazon’s success . Main strategy of the founder Jeff Bezos himself. An ambitious business man, who is not afraid of taking risks , even if it means a downturn for the company at first . Amazon’s website tries to personalize the buying experience for it’s customers . It knows what you want and what is your interest in.

Although amazon.com is the biggest internet retailer in the world, It is often criticized . Economic experts say that amazon is turning internet business into a monopoly .

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An archetype is the model image of a person or role and includes the mother figure, father,wise oldman and joker , amongst others . The mother figure for example as carrying qualities; she is dependable and compassionate. We all hold a similar ideas of the mother figure and we see her across the culture and in our language, such as the term ‘mother nature’.

FAMILY ARCHETYPES: The father – Stern, power full, Controller

The mother- feeding, nurturing and soothing

The wise oldman- Knowledge and guidance

The magician- mysterious and powerful.

The witch – Dangerous

Mother- feeding, nurturing and soothing

My journey is started

Welcome to my blog . I want to write something my own thoughts

Why I like to read write?

I want to write because my heart says that , you have already experienced a lot of memories in your child hood , explore it and enjoy your nostalgia through your entire Life. After years of persuade with my academic achievement and realised my dream of becoming a writer , I dreamt a long and every night and spend with my sole

I embraced my spiritual gifts, which is flowing through my hands . I write about counselling psychology and spirituality as I see them as a complementary fields in helping us understand ourselves . While psychology helps us to understand the human psyche spirituality helps us to understand universal principles that transcent humanity. It’s my hope that through my words .

Nature giving me peace


A professor while he was teaching, asked to his students “why do we shouted in anger” Why do the people shout at each other when they upset?

The students thought for a while one said” because we lost our calmness” but the professor asked again ” why shout when the next person near to you” isn’t it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice ? The students have given some more answers to satisfied him but none of answer is not satisfied the professor.

Finally,he explained”when two people are angry at each other , there is a distance in their hearts psychologically . To cover the distance,they must shout to be able to hear each other . The angrier they are, the stronger they will shout to hear each other through that great distance.

When what happens two people fall in love?

They don’t shout each other but talk softly ,why? Because their hearts psychologically close . The professor countinde ” when they love each other even more what happens ? They don’t speak,they only whisper and even more get closer each other in their love .

Finally they need not whisper,they look at each other and that is all … So next time you shout on your loved one know that you are creating distance between your heart and that person ‘s heart

Forget each and every uneasy feeling and be able to love everyone

Enjoy all moments life is easy, simple and Beautiful Have a lovely day to all

Enjoy!!! Life is beautiful!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


Counselling can be understood as a dynamic process associated with an emerging profession . It involves a professionally trained counselor assisting a client with particular concerns. In this process the counselor can use a Verity of counselling strategies such as individual group or family counseling to help the client to bring about beneficial changes in behaviour , enhance copying skills, promote dicision making and to improve relationship.

This book provides an overview of the counselling profession an objective over view of the major topics emerging in the field of counselling. The book provides a basic and detailed understanding of different aspects of counselling. It helps the students as well as the professionals in the field of counselling to have an idea about scientific counselling.

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Strategy of Business


The global online retailer operates with a sharp thin profit margin and succeeds due to a combination of economic scale , innovative various business process and a constant business strategy . Successful business strategy is guided by four principles .

1 . Strengthening Ecosystem

The business Ecosystem consist of merchandise, writers, reviewers, publishers, app developers and marketing servicers analysing team, and feature writers who get the word out about opportunities on business platform . Here the senior leadership developed in deriving maximum benefit from each component of the company ecosystem, as well as, strengthening relationship between the components.

Therefore due to agressive expansion of range of services and products within the company ecosystem, It couldn’t correct the to classify the business operations within a single industry. Here Amazon gives an assurance to the customers and it is valuable to the customers.

2 . Regularly sharing the new niches and segments through social media or blog . Today Amazon sells anything that will be available online . Sophisticated global logistics represents one of solid base of Amazon competitive advantage. The tech giant has used this advantage existingly to engage in Successfull business diversification . Recently the company launched Amazon home services, a simple way to buy and sell local professional services as a continuation of it’s diversification strategy .

3. Uncompressed focus on customer service.

Customer obsession is placed on at the core of Amazon business strategy The largest internet retailer in the world by revenue focus on long term growth rather than the short term profit . In it’s attempt to seek to be the best customer centered company . Amazon puts a margin in every boardroom to represent the customers , a physical reminder to innovative on their behalf.

4 . Focusing on the leadership values .

Gaining maximum contribution from human resources is another source of competitive advantage . Working for Amazon is a challenging experience and employees are expected to take on heavy working load

Importance of Team work in Networking Business

You can work alone, but you can’t get as much success you would expect. Alone you couldn’t go far . You can run alone for a short distance but you need a team to go far away .

“We are one”
working together!!!!!

A group of individuals each having different thinking and attitude but working together to achieve a common goal . A single person cannot work more than his ability but if he has a team he can increase the total working hours . With increased working hours you can earn more. Chances of success are increased by teaming up in every job

Create a team and multiply your time . Every person has a limited hours of work in a day . If you have your own business and you have ten co-workers with you and each one works eight hours a day , then you have worked for Eighty hours in a day . Naturaly your income will increase more . But while you work alone, you earn less only . Passive income from team work can also be enjoyed . Once the team learned to work, if you are inactive in the work for some days then the income will not be affected much because your work does not stop instead your team will make up and your income keep on getting .

I tell you ,if you want to be even more successful then you have to work as a team . It doesn’t matter in which field , you can be teamed everywhere . Like if you run a super market then you can appoint some staff , gradually you can start another branch .

Increasing the team size in every field can be successful that is why I personally liked the concept of network marketing or direct selling business. Because everyone has no such investment , eventhough let them start a business.

You will get the bigger success with increased by your team . Wherever you are working in the field , you can’t make a team in a day . Wait for the right time and also do the hard work together Remember your work hours will increase . Then you will get big results

Hopefully, this blog will help you to understand the importance of Team work in direct networking business

Modicare Company Profile

Modicare is a company specialising in providing the best network marketing services. It bridges the gap between network marketing business and common people . Modicare Pvt limited was registered in the year 1996 . Ever since the time came into being the core principles on the basis of which this direct selling company functions have been to empower , engage and enhance the the lives of people who gets associated with this company.

Modicare works with a diverse range of shareholders both at the institutional and community level so that the resource base gets leveraged . The mission of modicare firm includes;

Taking a ownership to solve the problems of all the consultants .

Empowering the consultants to become a leader so that their groups get strengthened .

Consistent interaction with all consultants so that there is a clarity .

Recognising the potential of all the individuals involved so that everyone gets over all results maximum.

Making sure all the consultants are satisfied and happy.

Offer period 1st October – 23rd 2019
Hurry up Dhamaka offer

How to select a direct networking Company

We know that the network ing business is a world wide everywhere , since twenty years this business running well , many companies are approved in this field. So a lot of strategies have to work out in the network marketing business. Now days youths are choosing this business with the tie up of the company . Somebody have chosen as a career .

So the people have to know the clear information about the company, before choosing a company you should understand it’s existing and present status and how it is running ? is it profitable? Can I believe the company? How long it has been running? All the details you should understand, after only you can decided to join.

When you invite your friends or an individual into this business , at first , whoever It is the individual will observe about your changes, your career atmosphere and your present situation or status, the person must be checked the face value of the business , how can choose a direct networking business.

There are four Factors to choose good networking business

1 . Company profile.

2. Products profile

3 . Compensation plan

4 . Education system

Let’s study this four Factors. 1 . Profile: who is conducted this company? who is promoted this company? who are the directors ? what is the background about the company ? how long it has been running? So and so…

2 . Products profile: It is very important part of the business , what are the products,? how much useful the products ? qualities of the products , is it repurchasable or re-produ able products ? Is it comfortable prices for the purchase ? understand that over priced products not preferable by people , It should be value money products .

3 . Compensation plan: While you choose the company , understand that how is the turn over of the business ? It depends on the products or people , one thing you understand that, if the company runs with products turn over , there is a force to choose, but the company forced by the people , some breaks may happen . So choose products turn over based company . The business will sustain with profitable products. Here you will get a platform for the business , and that opportunity will make you an entrepreneur. The company aims at global economy business.

4 . Education system: The company doesn’t ask your educational background , not required educational certificates . Here needed strategy of the business and growth of the company . Company will help you to grow your business , your social culture, and your individual fame , as an adventage you will get good training for business developments , that will change your attitude and personality .

Coming days this direct networking business will create a huge turning point to all business makers . So I request to you to select a value products business to join. Success is near to you , find out your business platform , wish you a wonderful networking platform for your growth.

Modicare is the direct networking business

Modicare Multy Level Marketing (MLM)

Modicare is the best MLM company and direct selling company in India. Before you take a plunge into a new career or a company, you must always be certain of your choice. A good company will hone your skills and help you to reach new heights.


Our mission is to drive growth profitably through innovative business development process .We will engage more and more people in our business and continue to expand in domestic and international markets. We will continuously upgrade our products portfolio to provide better value to our customers and explore new opportunities to increase our strength in distribution.

Modicare is my life way

How to select a direct networking Company

We know that networking Company is a well trading business development space in our county . Since twenty years , there is good opportunities in this field. A lot of companies running well with the profitably. So many people have chosen the carrier as the direct networking business. So there are lots of changes happening in the business , So we should understand all aspects of the business, that how can believe, is it profitable and successful, how long it is running the business .

When you invite an individual to this company , that person will observe about your present situation, your changes, your qualities. If he is convinced that , he will join definitely with company ,then the individual will understand the face value of the business. So he will choose the company directly.

There are four Factors to choose the company.

Company profile

Products profile

Compensation Plan

Education system

We can study this four strategy of business

Learn how to live your own life

You will never find peace of mind by others to live your life for you.

Remember the most profound trueth in all facts concerning mankind to consists of the fact that the creator of the man gave him complete, unchallengeable right of prerogative over but one thing , his own mind. It must have been the creator’ s purpose to encourage man to live his own life, to think his own thoughts , without interfering from others. otherwise man should not have been provided with such a definite system of protection over his mind.

By the simple process of exercising this profound prerogative over your mind you may lift yourself to great heights of achievement in any field of endeavour you choose.

Henry Ford became a great industrialist and made himself wealthier than Croesus, not because of his superior or ability or brain, but he took simply procession of his own mind, fashioned it in a career of his own making and kept all negative influences away from his mind until he attained his objective.

There are lots of examplesOrville and Wilbur Wright they learnt to live their own lives

The True Emancipation of Universal

Love is the greatest compliment to all. It brings one into communication with infinite action. It is an inward and outward expression of the spiritual nature of all living things .

When love is combined with the spirit of romance, the world may rejoice , for these are the potentials of the great personalities who are profound thinkers of the world .

Love clears out selfishness,greed, jealousy, and envy . Love makes right royal kings of the humblest of the world. True greatness will never be found where loves does not abide . love is the warp and the woof of all the richest of life . It embellishes all riches and gives them the quality of endurance , evidence of which may be revealed by cursory observation of all who have acquired love.

The habit of going the extra mile leads to attainment of that spirit of love , for there can be no greater expression of love that demonstrated through service rendered unselfishly for the benefit of others.

If a man be truely great he will be compassionate, sympathetic and tolerent. He will love good and bad among all humanity. The good he will love with pride and administration and enjoy . The bad he will love with pity and sorrow for he will know , if he is truly great , that both good and bad qualities in men often are but the results of circumstances over which they have , because of their ignorance , little control .

The great minds every age have recognised love as the eternal elixir that binds the heartwounds of mankind and makes men the private keepers. If a man is truly great, he will love all mankind!!!!!!


Writing skill is the greatest compliment

Who knows, you might influence someone positively in your direction and get a pleasant surprise in return . It is definitely worth the effort and will make you immortal in the recipient’ s eyes and hopefully heart.

Remember , when you express yourself on paper you immortalize yourself through the printed word.

Even though we die, our written words can last forever. How often do you look at a note, a signature, or a recipe penned by a loved one who has passed on and think of them fondly . When something is written and signed, it means more, write a letter and wait for the response. You won’t be disappointed.

Coming from mind

Cristallize your thoughts and write on a paper

” What you think ” ?
To write …. you must think. When you write a letter or a post, you cristallize your thoughts on paper . Your imagination is developed by recollecting the past , analyzing the present, and perceiving the future . The more you often you write , the more you take pleasure in writing.
Love is man’s greatest experience

You were born Poor or Rich?

You were born poor or rich?it might be or not, we know many great personalities were Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford .

You have something in common with the truely great !!

If you had been born with a silver spoon in your mouth , you would have been deprived of the opportunities to make yourself strong and resourceful through the necessity for struggle.

For struggle as the biologists, philosophers and historians are know the prime way of life. It’s nature’s system of sorting out the strong from weak of making sure that man, as well as the animals and plants are constantly improved .

Any one can overcome proverty through determination and faith .

Sure, the fight will be hard , but the rewards will be appreciated. Your attitude will have a strong bearing , whatever on how hard the struggle will be . Accept it as a challenge , rather than curse, and you will find it much easier .

There is no barrier that can prevent you from achieving financial success if you approach it with a positive mental attitude, with full knowledge dedication that any stumbling block can be turned into a stepping stone to greater heights of success.

Do you suffer from a physical handicap? Don’t worry, there are a lot of rehabilitation centers which will minimise the disability and impediments and help you and realise your dreams of achievement .

Are you lacking education and pulling you back? Don’t worry, there are a lot of night schools , adult education classes, correspondence courses and public libraries , all available with coast and without coast , that can help you to win education easily

All things are possible for the person ,who wants deep determination and courage.

The journey is Thousands miles, begin with a single step.

Diside now , not tomorrow, this instant on exactly what you want to achieve .

Write down a goal. Committ to memory Keep it always Infront you. Then map out step by step . Once you have done this, you are ready to take that first step toward success

You must have a purpose and a plan , plus the determination to carry them to fruition .


I will continue


Dealing with disappointment can at times be very hard. Disappointmemt is disheartening and can be demotivating as well. Sometimes the intensity is lesser or severe. Disappointment can lead to a pessimistic attitude. If we knowing how can handle the state of disappointment will lead to a healthy lifestyle. It will cherish your personality and makes optimism in your life.The most important thing is to accept how do you feel about it. Do not try to supress that feeling. If you try to supress , it may explose unexpectedly . So let it sink and let your mind absorb it. Supressing an emotion does not exist a long time.Instead of being disappointed, learn from it. Something has done already, it cannot be undone now. So one thing you can do , learn from your mistake will help you, not repeat those actions again.


I own my positive attitude to my father. I realized that by followed my father , I have adapted everything to my life and family. I could achieve and maintain a positive mental attitude, more over I became an achiever and a believer .

Thousands people have come and gone claiming to be personal development gurus. But I adapted by my father’s inspiration.

He has stood the test of time, and remained the icon of positive mental attitude . I never hear a bad word from my father .

Here is some inspiring words I followed by my father .

  1. He is gentle , and his words are gentle

2 . His insights are thoughtful

3 . His principles are sound and time tested.

4 . He is easy to read and apply

5 . He is on target with what is wrong and what is weak .

6 . He taught me wisdom is right on the money.

7 . His ethics ring true and genuine.

8 . He reinforces his advice with real word examples.

9 . He encourages to do at right time .

10 . He has faith that will achieve with hard work .

11. He has a track in his mind that includes thousands of success stories .

Fear and Faith

Fear is faith in reverse gear

Fear is a negative feeling in something, and the belif is the foundation of faith.

Faith is a positive mental attitude in action.

Your mental attitude is the sum of your thoughts at any given time .A positive mental attitude has its roots in the spiritual life of one’s soul . And it’s the medium by which adversities may be transmuted into benefits.

Your achievements are limited by only your mental attitude , for it’s true that only your real limitations are those which you set up in your own mind.

Keep your mental attitude Right and your future always will be Bright. Success goes to the person whose mental attitude is such that he expects success. And health, wealth, happiness are products of a positive mental attitude. Your mental attitude, weather it is positive or negative, weaves into your character every thread of your thoughts.

A positive mental attitude is the factor which makes peace. People who work with a positive mental attitude are constantly doing the”impossible”.

If you don’t like what life has given you, change your mental attitude and attract something else more to your liking . And remember that not all of the wisdom of the sages and the ages can help the person who quits trying to help himself.

Remember that the creator has made us that our strength grows out of our struggling , and we’re no bigger than the circumstances which we permit to frighten or worry us .